Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother's Day Gifts

Mother's Day is one of those days that I have mixed feelings about. I hear so many people talk about how much they love their mom & what a great Christian woman she was while they were growing up, but I wonder.....was she really? I mean, really? Did all of these people have that precious, highly desired, Godly woman in their lives when they were younger......or is that what they choose to remember? If they did, then that's great! There are a lot of mothers out there that are trying their hardest to direct their children in the pathways that God would have them go. But....there are also too many women out there that have "better things to do", or are more concerned with the things of this world, than raising Godly children.

I wasn't fortunate enough to have a Godly Christian mother. I don't remember too much from when I was young. My teenage years stand out in my head & overshadow everything else about my past. My mom was more interested in trying to be the "cool mom" part of the time & being over medicated for her health problems the rest.

I guess that is the reason I have such a strong desire for God to work in my life. I want my children to look back on me & remember more positives than negatives. I want my children to see me reading my Bible, hear me praying for them, feel my loving arms around them, & KNOW that they are loved no matter what! Because not all of us have those memories.

This mother's day, I didn't open any fancy, expensive gifts that were bought hastily the day before. My present this year was realizing that I have been blessed more than I ever deserve. I have 4 little arms that want to hug me, 4 little eyes that are watching everything I do, 4 little feet that follow where I lead them, & 2 little hearts filled with more love than I thought possible.

I hope that everyone has a Happy Mother's Day! Spend it with those you love!

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