Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ If Just One More Soul

I continue to be amazed by God's goodness, grace, love, & mercy.

God chose to allow us to travel DEEP into a valley in order to get us where we needed to be to trust Him fully. Through that, we were able to start our homeschool journey. I don't know that we would have stepped out on faith enough to travel that road any other way.

You have been faithful in keeping up with us through that journey. You have been supportive through the highs & lows. Some of you have laughed & cried right along with me as I shared the insanity of our daily life. Some of you know us almost better than we know ourselves.

Even if my post from yesterday took most of you by surprise, some of you weren't surprised at all when Austin returned to public school. I fully believe that God has a plan for EVERYTHING.

I told you last month about discovering God's need for Austin in middle school.

It didn't take me nearly as long to understand how God would use Makenzie to touch someone else's life.

I received a message this morning from someone I consider a friend even though we barely know each other. She saw my post about Makenzie returning to school & chose to read yesterday's post. She immediately felt led to contact me. She has been having problems with something that she loves but just doesn't seem to be working out. She was looking for a little advice.

The only thing I could really tell her was to seek God's will. She then asked how she would know God's will. The best way I can describe it is feeling peace even in all of the uncertainty. I felt the overwhelming desire to ask about her salvation.

THAT is SO NOT me. I can talk to people ALL day about my faith & just how big my God is, but I tend to get shy when it comes to down right asking people if they are saved.

She thought she was, but just didn't know anymore. God opened up Heaven & let the words flow for me to witness & explain salvation to her. I honestly cried just as much as I typed (YES, God CAN use Facebook!).

She said she wanted to KNOW for sure she was saved so she was going to pray! I promised her I would be praying too.

As I kneeled in my bedroom floor with tears flowing, I KNEW that I was reaching Heaven on behalf of my friend! I KNEW when that peace came over me that everything was alright! I KNEW then & there WHY & I thanked God for using Makenzie, for using me, & for allowing us to be apart of something so beautiful only God Himself truly understands it!

When I spoke with my friend later on, she was overjoyed with the assurance of knowing WHO held her future!

If for no other reason what so ever, it was worth my baby girl returning to public school so this one soul could be saved!!!

I can't help but be amazed at how BIG MY GOD IS!!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ When God Has Another Plan

Have you ever tried & tried to do something, only to continually have it fall apart? Have you ever wanted something with all your heart only to realize that it wasn't going to happen? Have you ever thought you had it all figured out only to know that nothing was quiet what you thought it was?

I have been struggling for awhile now. I have been trying to figure it out. I have been trying to find God's will. I have been trying to understand the reason, the timing, & the direction. I have been weighing the possibilities. I have been praying for guidance.

Even though I still question, even though I am still anxious, even though I still wonder, I feel peace through the uncertainty.

I don't feel like I have given up. I don't feel like I have lost a battle. I don't feel like a failure. I understand that God's will is different from mine. I understand that this chapter in my life has come to an end.

I also understand that God is trying to lead me in a new direction. I also understand that God only wants the best for me. I also understand that only God knows the future.

Tomorrow, Grace of God Christian Academy will be taking a hiatus. I have no clue how long our homeschool will be closed. I don't know if this is a permanent thing or if its just for a little while. Tomorrow, my sweet Makenzie will attend public school for the very first time.

I should have seen it coming. I should have known this was the direction that we were heading. Every single time I tried to plan, every single time I thought about school, every single time anything was mentioned, my stomach would knot & I would silently scream NO.

I thought I understood the resistance once we realized that Austin was going back to middle school. But, the thoughts, the feelings never let up.

My heart hasn't been in it at all. I haven't wanted to do anything school related. I haven't enjoyed anything this year.

Its not a burn out thing. Its not a frustration thing. Its not a need a break thing.

I really believe that God has been leading us in this direction.

Why He only gave me a little over 3 years to teach my kids from home? I'll never know. I hope that I accomplished what I was supposed to in those precious years. I hope that I haven't let Him down. I hope that He can look at me & say well done.

I'm thankful for the time I have had. I don't regret for a minute having all 3 of my babies home with me!

Now, looking to the future, only God knows, but I'm sure He will direct us where we need to go!

Plexus Testimonials - Tara

Tara says

This is 6 months on the Plexus products. I have lost 32 lbs. and not sure inches as need to measure this week but as you can see a TON!!! I went from a starting size 24/26 (more 26) to a size 18/20 (more 18:) and wearing a 3XL top to a XL. 

I no longer suffer from migraines (9 yrs. of them) carpal tunnel (the past five years) and before Plexus I slept my days away. I would send my kiddos of to school be back to bed by 9 and up at 3 to get kids and back in bed by 9 I am proud to say I no longer nap when they are gone my chronic fatigue & depression is gone!!!!! I now spend my days with my family or working my Plexus business, yes I loved it so much I joined and am now helping others like you all too which I love. 

My hubby has also joined me and lost 36 lbs. from a 42 to a 38 and loves the energy he has and it helps with ADHD concentration and focus.

Let me tell you a few things I learned along the way that are going to help : 1) Be consistent take the products everyday, even when you can't see them working they are 2) Eat! if you don't your body goes into starvation mode & won't burn fat 3) Drink 1/2 your weight in water, even if you can't get all of it at least try 4) Measure, Measure & Measure again. On the months when the scale doesn't move the inches will. The scale cannot gauge your success don't rely on it. 5) Take before & after photos. Even if you don't want to share you will want them to compare and SEE the difference. 

Don't get me wrong it has not be easy by any means my weight has went up and down, stalled and up and down again but throughout it all I have felt AMAZING and still do so I have stuck with it. You have to commit to the change, want it bad enough and do a little work along the way to get there (or keep it going) but it will all be worth it in the end I am proof of that. Bought this dress today in the now photo for my trip to Florida next month courtesy of Plexus and I am now an Gold ambassador making an income equal to the nursing position I gave up seven months ago to continue to be a stay at home mom. Plexus has been an amazing blessing in every aspect of my life 

Are you ready to feel like a superhero too? Are you ready to start living again?

Plexus Testimonials - April

April says ~

Okay....deep breath! I think I finally feel ready to do this. I don't do pics of me, DEFINITELY NOT full-body shots, and CERTAINLY not for the whole world to see, but I'm doing it now! I've been on Plexus for 90 days now, and I've lost 25 pounds, 2 jean sizes, lots of inches, depression, lethargy, and low self-esteem! My knees have also stopped complaining! I was diagnosed with sleep apnea shortly before I started Plexus, and I was facing a a CPAP machine (which really felt like accepting that I'd always be overweight and need that stupid machine) or, instead, put my money into Plexus and get healthy! I am SO GLAD I chose Plexus! My husband tells me I do not snore anymore, which is HUGE (it was really bad...I was on the couch a lot so he could sleep), and I truly believe sleep apnea is no longer a problem for me. The shortness of breath that I used to feel when I was half asleep, which is what prompted me to get the sleep study, is gone. I still have a long way to go, but I could not be more confident that I'm going to get there! 

Plexus has been life-changing for me. I no longer believe that obesity is my reality and that I cannot overcome it. I'm doing it! Plexus makes it possible! I take slim and 2 accelerators in the morning, 4 Biocleanse throughout the day and 2 ProBio5 at night. I exercise on my Wii Fit 3-5 times a week (because I CAN now...I have the energy to!) and I really enjoy it. I also walk my daughter back and forth to school everyday, morning and afternoon (when the weather cooperates). I set a long-term goal for myself....that by the time I turn 40 next May I want to lose 100 pounds. It always seemed so unattainable before, but not anymore! I am 1/4 of the way there in 90 days! I have more confidence and more energy and feel happier than I can ever remember. I thank God and my dear friend Amy Sunderland Middlebrooks for bringing Plexus into my life and giving me hope! Now I believe it is my calling to share it with others and help them change their lives the same way I am. I'm super excited about that! I just can't wait to see what the next 90 days will bring......for me and anyone else that I can bring along with me!

Plexus Testimonials - Amy

My updated testimonial

I started Plexus on May 26th for anxiety/depression. I was extremely skeptical and didn't think it would work, but considering I had really bad side effects from the perscriptions I decided to give it a try. After all I was looking for something that was all-natural that would help with my anxiety/depression. I purchased a 7 day supply and was completely amazed when I saw a huge difference in my anxiety the very first day. By the 3rd day I saw a dramatic change in my depression. I had found the answer I had been looking for. On day 5 I met with my upline to sign up as an ambassador and order a 30 day supply. Well that was my plan, I actually ordered a 90 day supply instead!

I can't even begin to describe what it's like to be able to take something that is all-natural that relieves my anxiety/depression and it doesn't stop there. Did you know most heartburn/indegestion is also caused by anxiety/depression? I just found this out about a week ago. I had been wondering why when I started Plexus I no longer had heartburn and decided I was going to find the answer. I also no longer have back pain, I'm not sure if I had the pain because of my weight or what but it is gone and I'm not even using the fast relief products. I know that people say it's not good to crack your bones but it's a bad habbit of mine. Since starting plexus my fingers, back, neck, and toes crack so much easier now because the inflammation that I didn't even know I had is gone. I am in such a better mood now and most of my co-workers and family have notcied it. They all say I have so much more energy now and I'm fun to be around. Before I was so miserable that I would bring people down around me. I knew this but I couldn't figure out what to do about it and I hated feeling like that. Before Plexus my anxiey was so bad that one time my fiance wanted to be nice and cook me dinner. He made hamburgers and when I walked in the kitchen and saw how big they were, I started bawling. No not little tears, they kind of bawling that a little kid does when they can't catch their breath for anything. All because the hamburgers were bigger than the bun. Imagine what was going through my fiances mind at that time. I know how rediculous that sounds, but when you are dealing with anxiety the smallest things get to you and even though you know it's dumb and you need to stop, you literally can't.

I have also lost quite a bit of weight since being on Plexus. When I started I was 220lbs and I did not lose anyting until my second week was almost over. This was find with me because I was using it for my anxiety/depression, weight loss would have just been a plus. Well I have been using it for almost two months and I am down 23lbs. I have lost so many inches, but I don't know how to meassure correctly so I'm not sure how many. From the pics you can tell the difference though. I feel so much better about myself and my self-esteem has come up so much both from the weight loss and not having to deal with the anxiety/depression. The pic on the left is after I started Plexus but had not lost any weight from it yet, I was at 220lbs. In the middle I had lost 16lbs so that put me at 204lbs. Yesterday I took another pic, the one on the right. In this pic I am at 197lbs, finally below 200!!!! I still have a long way to go, and I know I will get there. Even if for some reason I stopped losing I would still continue with Plexus because it helps for so much more than just weight loss.

I don't know what I would do without Plexus. It has saved my life, not literally, but my quality of life is so much better. The fact that I'm only 26 and have to consider my quality of life is so sad, but Plexus no longer makes me have to consider that! It keeps me healthy in everyway and that is all I need from it.

Plexus Testimonials - Alishia

To all my lady friends out there who suffer with PCOS, I have to share!! Until lately, talking with more people and sharing my experience with plexus slim, I never knew there were so many of us out there with this dreadful disease! I too have suffered with poly cystic ovarian syndrome all of my adult life. It has ran my life, causing all sorts if terrible side effects like hot flashes, unnecessary massive weight gain that's virtually impossible to get off, excessive body hair, hair loss, skin problems, major hormone imbalances, mood swings, depression, insecurity, low self esteem, low libido, fatigue, and the list goes on..... that is until.....PLEXUS SLIM!!! I had finally given up, or so I thought. Finally given in and accepted this was my fate. I would be this way and just have to suck it up and deal with it the rest of my life. Be unhappy the rest of my life. What a shame! I so glad some where down deep there was a shred of hope left. Buried beneath all the nights if crying myself to sleep. And I'm so glad I pushed past all the skepticism, all the negative thoughts in my head from trying everything known to man that hadn't ever worked for me, and took the big step of trying plexus slim! It has changed my life!!! I'm so happy to report to you, the woman I spoke of earlier is the woman of my past!! I left her and that dreadful disease in my dust 8 weeks ago!! Never to look back. The hot flashes, GONE! The weight, it's LEAVING -27 lbs so far, hormones leveling out, cravings gone, finally had my first cycle in over 5 yrs!!! The list goes on. I cannot stress enough, if you are suffering from PCOS and all the terrible things that come along with it, you have to give Plexus Slim a shot. It will change your life. I would be doing you a huge injustice if I didn't share this wonderful God given product with you. Dig up the last ounce of hope and take that first step. You won't look back!!! Do it for you, do it for your kids, your husband, just do it!!!! I promise you won't regret it!! Thank God and Plexus Slim!

Plexus is truly changing people's lives! Are you sick & tired of being sick & tired?? Are you ready to do something about it? Stop wishing for things to change & take an active step towards changing them!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Plexus Testimonials - Rochelle

"I Haven't Gained a Pound Back!"

“When I started taking the Plexus products I weighed 185 pounds and was wearing a size 14. I used Plexus for five months and lost a whopping 52 pounds. I am in a size 5 now. I feel great thanks to Plexus Slim. And the best part is that I haven’t gained a single pound back. What an amazing product. I would recommend this to anyone.”

- Rochelle D.

People are having proven, positive, long lasting results with Plexus! Are YOU ready to reclaim your life?

Plexus Testimonials - Chris

"These Products Have Changed My Life!"

“Plexus has changed my life! In just over six months I have lost a total of 39 pounds and dropped six pant sizes. I was reluctant to try the product at first, but I am so thankful that I did. Let the Plexus products change your life as it has mine.”

Plexus isn't only for women! Men are seeing LIFE CHANGING results as well!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Power of One

How many times have you thought, "Well, I'm just me. How much difference can I make?" I know that I have thought that plenty of times.

It seems that in the grand scheme of life that just one little person doesn't stand out enough to make that big of a difference. It seems that if one little person messes up, that no one really pays attention. It seems that if one little person does something remarkable, that few ever hear about it.

I have dwelled on something all morning that I just can't get past. I was reading in the first few chapters of Joshua. The fall of Jericho seemed almost easy to the Israelites. They were God's chosen people. He had delivered them from so many obstacles already. They knew that He would deliver again. They followed His commands to the T.........

That is until Achan gave into temptation & went against God's command by stealing valuables from Jericho & trying to hide them from everyone else. No one else knew about his wrong doing. BUT GOD saw him.

Due to the sin of one man, many people suffered & perished.

This made me start thinking. Achan wasn't the only "one man" in the Bible. Adam was a "one man" whose partaking in eating the forbidden fruit affected everyone after him. King David was "one man" whose adulterous affair resulted in multiple deaths.

On the other hand, Abraham was only "one man" who God promised "I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore". Noah was only "one man" whose faithfulness saved a whole race from extinction. Jesus was only "one man" who was perfect, sinless, & obedient enough to die for EVERYONE!

Next time you start thinking that you are only "one man", think just how powerful being "one man" can be!

Monday, October 14, 2013

One Rash Decision Can Change Your life

We all have wondered "why on earth did I do THAT". Sometimes we wonder just moments after we do it. Sometimes it takes us years to fully understand why we made a simple choice. Sometimes one single decision can alter the course of our entire lives forever.

I have always loved the story of Rahab the harlot. I can identify with her. It's a story of redeeming grace at its fullest.

Here is a woman who has made a lifetime of bad decisions. I'm sure she has many regrets. I'm also sure that on the particular day she chose to hide two strange men in her house, she had no idea that her world was getting ready to be turned upside down.

The first we hear of Rahab's story is in the 2nd chapter of Joshua. We find out that she ushers these Israelites  into her home (no doubt with her usual intentions). She then hides them from the king's men, helps them plan an escape, & makes a pact with them, all while knowing they are planning to destroy the city she lives in, her friends, her neighbors, her home, everything except what she harbors inside her house.

I'm not sure if or when God spoke to her or if she just knew that these men were different. But God used Rahab & her obedience as a key point in this battle. He proved yet again that He could & would save in the middle of disaster!

We learn that after the destruction of Jericho in Joshua 6, Rahab chooses to remain with the same Isrealites that just destroyed everything she knew & found familiar. I'm not sure if her family decided to stay there or if they eventually went in search of a new home.

I believe that Rahab turned away from her idols gods & decided to serve the one true God. There's not much else mentioned about Rahab besides a few references in scripture.....

James 2:25 "Likewise also was not Rahab the harlot justified by works, when she had received the messengers, and had sent them out another way?"

Hebrews 11:31 By faith the harlot Rahab perished not with them that believed not, when she had received the spies with peace."

.....BUT her story is FAR from finished! 

Without this sinful woman, who decided one fateful day to follow God, Jesus Christ would never have been born of a virgin & die to save a world full of sinners. (Ruth 4:20-21, Matthew 1:4-5, Luke 3:32)

Now, God COULD have used someone else. God COULD have chosen people who were "more worthy". God COULD have only picked faithful servants from birth.

BUT GOD chose to use Rahab with ALL her sin filled past as a way to show us that even though we continually mess up, HE CAN STILL USE US!! Even more than that He WANTS to use us!!

So often, I feel like Rahab, unworthy, sinful. A woman who has so much to be ashamed of, but also a woman that God has turned around to serve Him with all her heart.

Don't let your Rahab past keep you from the glorious future that God has planned for you. You never know just what miraculous event He has planned through you!

Friday, October 11, 2013

7 Foods to Improve your Health

How many times has your belly started growling before you even start to think about what's for supper? How many times have you been looking for something to snack, but can't figure out what you want, much less what you should eat?

Wait before you crack open that gallon of ice cream. Wait before you order a pizza...again.

Let me tell you about a few foods that might help with those cravings without making you feel guilty.

Almonds - We all know that nuts in general are great to snack on. They are packed with protein & provide that satisfying crunch that we are usually looking for in a late night snack. But almonds specifically can help calm the nerves & fight the stress that tends to make weight loss hard.

Eggs - This one is a no brainer. Eggs have been given a bad rap over the years that made people quick to ditch the yolk & only eat the white. By eating the egg yolk as well, your snack will not only taste better but it will pack in a lot more of the proteins that release the hormone glucagon. This helps tackle belly fat.

Raising chickens makes this one easy for me! I personally care for regular cooked eggs (scrambled, over easy, whatever), but I love an omelet - hey more veggies! Hard boiled eggs are must in our house! They are great plain with salt & pepper, on salads, or pickled.

Yogurt - Yogurt seems to be THE standard "diet" food. That's because its loaded with probiotics that help the digestive system. It also helps fight off belly fat.

Oats - I don't know many people who don't love a good hot bowl of oatmeal. Now, I'm not talking about the Maple & Brown Sugar flavor pack that only takes a minute to make. Although all oats are good for you, those prepacked flavors also have more sugar in them. Stick to steel cut or rolled oats for the most nutrition benefits.

Parmesean Cheese - Really? Cheese on a "healthy food" list. Yep, its been proven that if you have one serving of whole milk or cheese daily it can aid in weight loss. Add it to spice up the flavor in dishes instead of cheddar cheese.

Olive Oil - While olive oil cannot replace your standard vegetable oil for cooking, it is great drizzled over salads or veggies, used for lightly sauteing, or mixed in with pasta. It has monounsaturated fat that is good for your heart & makes you feel full longer. It also helps control inflammation.

Chocolate - WOO HOO This is the one I have been waiting to have permission to eat!! Chocolate, especially dark chocolate can help reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, & stress. It can increase blood flow to the brain power causing a spike in alertness. Dark chocolate is also more filling than regular milk chocolate & it can reduce other cravings.

These super foods could work wonders in your diet. But, what if you could combine them with something that could make them work even better?

Plexus Slim is an all natural weight loss supplement designed to regulate your insulin levels. It suppresses your appetite & packs a 1 - 2 punch to your weight loss.

Try it for 7 days. Try it for 30 days. Even try it for 60 days without a fear of failing. Plexus Worldwide offers a 60 day money back guarantee. What do you have to lose?

Tired of being overweight?

I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I have tried diet after diet after diet. I have been up & I have been down. I have been happy & I have been miserable. I have tried again & I have given up.

Do any of these sound like you?

I bet you can relate. Obesity rates among children & adults have more than doubled since the 1970s (National Center for Health Statistics, 2009). Now, roughly two-thirds of all Americans are either over weight or obese. So, if you don't struggle with your weight, thank your lucky stars.

So WHY are so many people overweight?

The short answer is easy.

We eat too much & don't exercise enough.

You can place part of the blame on McDonald's, Burger King, & Wendy's where we can super size everything, have it our way, & eat great even late. You can place part of the blame on farmers who have succumbed to greed by wanting bigger, meatier animals in a shorter amount of time. You can place part of the blame on the government, the FDA, etc for allowing our food to be tampered with.

You can place part of the blame on your work schedule. You can place part of the blame on your kid's activities. You can place part of the blame on your crazy schedule. You can place part of the blame on TV, video games, & the Internet.

But when it comes down to it, we have no one to truly blame but ourselves. Poor choices make up the majority of our existence

So just HOW do we fight back against this growing trend? We obviously are not quitting our jobs, keeping our children from participating in way too many activities, or clearing up our schedules any time soon. Fast food chains, big time farmers, the government, the FDA, & media produces obviously aren't doing much to change their practices.

So, again, HOW do we stop our selves, our children, our future from becoming obese? Well, I don't have the answer to everything, but I have found what has worked for me & my family!

Plexus Slim has changed my family's lives! I have lost 27 pounds & 29 inches in a little over 2 months. My husband has lost at least 16 pounds & about 17 inches in 7 weeks. We both feel better, have more energy, & are nor nearly as hungry. 

All of this has been lost WITHOUT much exercise too. Now, I'm NOT saying that you shouldn't exercise. We just haven't done it like we should. My husband & I have both recently started to exercise. But without Plexus, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Plexus can help you lose that excess weight. It is designed to regulate your blood sugar, burn fat, & build lean muscle.

Do you have 10, 20, or even 50 pounds you need to get rid of? Let Plexus Slim help you achieve your weight loss goals!

Plexus Testimonials - Leslie

This is my story on how Plexus Slim has helped my 8 year old with ADHD. Since my son was about 3 years old, I knew he had a problem. Then, and over the years I would notice that he was overly hyper, could not concentrate, liked things to be routine, would lie and believe it, had anger issues, uncontrollable noise would shut him down. Examples, radio, vacuums, tv, people talking loudly or laughing loudly. It hurt his ears so bad he would be in fetal position. I say uncontrollable because, if he was the cause of the noise, it didn't bother him. I was told from 3 yrs. old that hes just being a little boy, he needs discipline, there's nothing wrong!! I fought with his teachers because for little things he would get in a world of trouble. If he needed to tell his teachers something important, he would try and tell them and they would very rudely tell him to sit down and to shut up (not in MS schools!!). He would argue with them so he could say what he needed to say because, if he didn't say it, he would forget it. Then that would upset him. He needs one on one and eye to eye. Coming from a family of teachers, I know that's hard with a class full, but not impossible!

His self esteem started slipping away. As parents, we try so hard to build our children up. Because of getting in trouble at home for things he couldn't help and for getting in trouble at school for trying to tell a teacher something, he was going down. Thought the world hated him. I actually found that on a piece of paper in his room,"Why does everyone hate me"! Not cool ya'll, just not cool!! 

I am a parent who does not like medication. Thought if I could get teachers, friends parents and who ever else, to understand and to help me, I could get away with no medication. Everyone was awesome, but the teachers. Again, not the MS teachers. I get so angry just thinking about how this one teacher did him. 2 years ago, my husband and I broke down and had him tested for ADHD. Doc confirmed our thoughts and he is put on Adderall 10mg twice a day. Of course it started helping him and I was ecstatic. I did not like what he was or the side effects of it, but with the doctors assurance, we stayed with it. Plexus came into my life a few months back. I have used it, never thought in a million years of having my boy take it for ADHD. He has been on Plexus for less than a week. AND the hyperness has cut down, but hes not a zombie! The arguments have cut down, the tantrums have cut down, his stress is gone, self-esteem is coming back up, he is sleeping at night, he can sit at the computer and play a game with out bouncing in the chair. He no longer has the dry look in his eyes. They sparkle and his smile just shines, his laugh is one of the best sounds I have heard in a long time.

When your child struggles with ADHD, ADD, Autism, etc. You, as a parent, start doubting yourself. What could I have done different, what am I doing wrong, why can't people just accept my child. Just like its not their fault, its not your fault. Be aware of the issue at hand, and do your best to help. A child with either of the above or more, is not spoiled, does not lack discipline, they are loving and caring children, they are smart beyond their years. Give them a chance. Learn from them. Heaven knows, I have learned so much from my 8 yr. old. But please, if you don't want your child on harsh prescriptions, if you don't want them to go through the world feeling unwanted or unloved, etc. Please give Plexus a try. From mother to mother, from parent to parent IT WORKS!!

Leslie's testimony breaks my heart. I have seen those children slipping through the school system. I have seen them as mere zombies, just barely getting by. I have seen the frustration by child, parent, & teacher as they try to figure out the best way to succeed.

Could Plexus Slim help your child do more than just get by? Could this all natural product help your child as well?

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Plexus Testimonial - Stacey

I decided I'd like to share my story with you all again, and give a little update in hopes of encouraging those who may be going through something similar. So, here goes...

I was diagnosed with PCOS, an insulin disorder that causes fertility issues, in 1995. People who suffer from PCOS gain weight easily, especially in their mid-section, and have a hard time losing it, and among other things, suffer from low energy. I've always sort of yo-yo'd with my weight. I get to a certain point and say, ok, no more. Time to lose weight. So I'd lose weight from various methods, and eventually gain it back through pregnancy or just careless eating habits. I got to where I was in the March 2013 picture by careless eating.

I kept seeing this Plexus stuff all over the place, and thought good grief, what is this stuff everybody is talking about?? So, after reading amazing testimony and testimony, I decided to try it. My products couldn't get here fast enough!!! Finally they arrived, and I began my Plexus journey. But...

...the weight didn't come off, and didn't come off, and didn't come off. I actually gained a few pounds at first! I fought for about 3 months with my body and mixing up my Plexus routine and adding other products to it. Finally my body began to respond! I was losing!!!! And am continuing to lose today. As of today, I am down 16.5lbs, and 2.5in from my waist. So, for those of you who are struggling with the products, DON'T GIVE UP!!! Please trust me when I tell you, THEY WORK. They will work for you too, you have to be willing to work with the products. If I had given up after the first month, or the second month, or the third month.....I'd still look like I did back in March. Yuck, no thanks.

I'm also happy to report that I have more energy! And am overall a much happier person because I allowed Plexus Slim into my life and gave them a chance to work with me. Share as you wish. I take Slim, the accelerator, Pro Bio 5, Bio Cleanse, and X-Factor.

Plexus Slim doesn't claim to improve people's lives! The people that take Plexus Slim give it the credit for improving their lives!

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Plexus Testimonials - Heather

Here is a message I just wrote to another friend:
The reason I started taking Plexus was NOT to loose weight, but to balance my hormones. April Stewart Owens posted her testimony that she had been diagnosed with endometriosis at 16, but that after taking Plexus she had cancelled her 3rd endometrial surgery, and had discontinued all of her hormones, and that now her dr is recommending Plexus to his other patients!!! Eric read that and agreed that I MUST try this! I have been having menopausal symptoms since I was 25 or 26, and drs have not been able (nor very willing) to help me. I had recently found a dr. (after a decade of trying different drs!!!) that was willing to test my hormones - all the others had just patronizingly told me I was too young for hormone problems and threw anti-depressants at me!!! Anyway, this new dr tested my progesterone levels in sept and they were supposed to be 20, mine were .02 - and I had just stopped taking a progesterone cream from the health food store only 3wks prior to my blood test, and I had been taking that progesterone cream for 2 1/2 years! She recommended I go see a specialist to get on hormone therapy. I was scheduled to go in Jan. Eric and I thought it wouldn't hurt to give Plexus a shot, and if it didn't work I could just go to the specialist later this year.

The new dr also said my blood tests in Sept and Nov were showing elevated liver enzymes, and she was quite concerned. I haven't been back to get any testing re-done yet, but all of my symptoms I was experiencing are GONE! I can't wait to go get more blood tests to see how the numbers reflect how amazing I feel!

The first week in Jan I had a sleep study done that indicated I have sleep apnea, but Eric says that I don't exhibits any of the signs of it any more. And I haven't even had my follow up consultation with the sleep dr. yet!

So, yeah, loosing 20lbs was just the icing on the cake LOL!

As far as a special diet - nope, of course a healthy diet will help, but you will experience the benefits whether you make the changes or not. I have noticed that I just don't crave the foods I used to, and things are too sweet for me now. 1/2 a cookie is usually all the sweet I can eat now. Also my cravings for healthy foods have increased! I was shocked on Thursday that I actually craved a carrot for lunch lol. Previously I had craved sugar like CRAZY!!!

Here are the 3 products I recommend. They work together like a system.

Slim - glucose drink will feed the hypothalamus. Such a misnomer since my underweight son has gained on it! But again, I have lost.

BioCleanse - oxygenates the body which makes an unfriendly environment for pathogens who prefer an anaerobic environment. The first week I felt "lighter" because I was breathing on a cellular level in my body!

ProBio5 - not only a source of beneficial bacteria, but also kills candida overgrowth. This is crucial for your healing and works hand-in-hand with the BioCleanse

I didn't notice that I felt amazing until I completed my 1st month.

My goal is NOT to sell products, but to help get people thinking in a direction that will actually help them and bring healing! Honestly, my prayer is that the Lord will lead you to healing, no matter what direction!

As you can see, everyone's story with Plexus is different. WHAT IF Plexus could change your life??? Are you ready to let it try??

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Plexus Testimonials - Hope

“I started taking Plexus Slim with Accelerator four months ago and I have lost 26 pounds. I went from a size 12 to a size 8. Even during the Holidays when the food craving was at its worst, I was able to enjoy and eat what I wanted without gaining a pound. Plexus Slim helps me maintain my weight loss. It started working so great that my husband tried the products and has lost 20 pounds. Today I am happier, healthier, and feeling my all-time best. Thank you Plexus!”

- Hope S.

Would you like to lose 25 pounds? Would you like to lose it in a short amount of time? Would you like to keep it off even during the holidays?

What if I told you that you COULD not only lose this weight, but you COULD keep it off?! Plexus Slim CAN help you get your overeating under control!!

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Plexus Testimonials - Becky

I began taking Plexus Slim and Accelerator a few months ago. I love the taste and the way I feel on the products. My energy level is amazing. In three months I lost 15 pounds and 11 inches. Over the holidays I was able to maintain my weight without denying myself. Plexus has amazing products and I am now making extra money just by sharing my story. Thank you Plexus for changing my life!”

- Becky G., R.N.

Can your DIET help you make it through the holidays? Plexus Slim is NOT a diet! It's a lifestyle change!

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Plexus Testimonials - Ronnetta

Ronnetta says ~ I have been on Plexus Slim now for 12 weeks down 30 pounds. I do exercise 5 miles a day, so that I can tone as I lose. Still haven't hit my target weight yet but it won't be long now. My first month I didn't lose but 5 pounds almost got discourage & quit but thank God I stuck with it because that following month I really started shedding. Everyone's journey is different so don't base your results on someone else's. Plexus Slim works!

While Plexus Slim is working wonders in so many people's lives, not everyone is the same. I know people who have lost as much as 10 pounds the very first week they started their Plexus journey. I have also had a few people not lose any weight in the beginning, but their appetite decreased dramatically. Their energy level increased greatly. They felt better all around.

Are you ready to start your own Plexus journey?


** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Plexus Testimonials - Christie

Plexus is doing some amazing things for me! I was diagnosed with lupus 2 years ago, and began taking steroid shots for inflammation and pain. I started my journey on July 23. After one month, I have lost 14 lbs, over 20" (5 in my waist alone!) and have been able to go without a steroid shot for the last three weeks. It's given me my life back! I LOVE rockin' the pink drink!

Do you have problems with chronic pain from different diseases or conditions? Plexus Slim can do more than help you lose excess pounds. After taking Plexus, some people are experiencing relief with various health problems.

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Plexus Slim Testimonials - Alana

Alana says ~ Hey there! I just wanted to share, I have lost 35 lbs in 2 & 1/2 months now. I have 52 more to go!!!! I love plexus slim!!!

Do you want results like Alana? Try Plexus Slim! Its the Pink Drink that is changing people's lives for the better!

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Lesson in Grace

I took Makenzie back to the doctor yesterday for her ADHD evaluation. Her doctor doesn't think she has full blown ADHD although there might be a little tendency underlying there. She also eased my fears that her problems are not stemming from not being able to do the work intellectually. She has some sort of learning difference/disability, we just need to figure out what it is.

She assured me that I was doing the right thing by backing up, allowing Makenzie to do lessons that she was comfortable with, and not putting pressure on her. She acknowledged the fact that Makenzie is a very happy kid so she must be adjusting well. She also understood the frustration that I was feeling. Everything came so easy to me in school so its a little hard for me to realize that not everyone is like I was. I know this, but its easier said than done when it just doesn't click.

I feel a little better about the situation, but somehow, guilt still overcomes me. I'm having a hard time knowing that I have done everything that I can do to help her. I'm having a hard time knowing that somehow I haven't failed her. I'm having a hard time letting go & letting God.

Last night, I was talking to a friend about all kinds of things in general, silly things, concerns in her life, issues in mine, who really is suffering from our selfish government, etc. Neither one of us could understand why some things were happening. We were looking for that bright neon sign from God that says "This is it. This is why. This is your purpose. This is your way." I simply told her that maybe God was teaching her grace........

It didn't hit me until just a little while ago as I was trying to get Makenzie to focus & trying to get Logan to leave her alone, that maybe my friend wasn't the only one who needed to learn a lesson in grace. I had an hour long conversation last night after a crazy hectic day while trying to eat a late supper, settle babies down for the night, right the world of all its wrongs, understand injustice, laugh, cry, offer advice & prayers just to realize that God was trying to show me that big flashing neon sign.

I'm thankful for God's grace even when I'm sure He is aggravated with repeatedly telling me something. I'm thankful for God's grace even when I'm sure He is thinking "will she ever get it". I'm thankful for God's grace even as I don't show grace like I should. I'm thankful for God's grace even when I don't deserve it.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Just What Do You Eat?

Have you seen THIS POST going around Facebook?

I have always thought it was interesting to see how other cultures lived, worked, & worshiped. It amazes me that we can all live on this same planet & be so incredibly different from each other.

There are so many places & kinds of people that I will probably never get the opportunity to go or meet.

As you look through the pictures, pay close attention to the amount of processed foods, the number of drinks vs water, & the abundance or lack there of with fresh fruits & vegetables.

Is it any wonder why many of our countries, including the US is overweight?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What's One More Thing

Well, its that time again. Its time for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

If you will remember, I flooded your newsfeeds with LOTS of posts in July when I last took part in this. I was unsure as I wrapped up the month if I would sign up for it again. I was still unsure when I signed up to do it again last night. I am still unsure even as I sit here writing.

My life has been crazy busy & complicated lately - even more so than normal!

We ALWAYS are overbooked every fall. Between football & cheerleading, there really isn't much room for anything else. Well, this year, we have added 2 different school schedules (public school & homeschool). We have added Justin not only helping to coach Austin's football team, but also being the athletic trainer for the high school football team, which means that he has to be at every practice right after school as well as every JV & Varsity game, both home & away.

Its that time of year where my home business picks up. I am up to my ears in ribbon, tulle, & bottlecaps trying to stock up for the Apple Festival, various fall festivals, vendor events, & Christmas orders.

I have also recently started another business. I have become an Ambassador with Plexus Slim. I am working so hard at trying to build this business into something lucrative so I can help our family.

Add to all of this, the every day chores around the house, the demands of being a pastor's wife, & the requirements of a homeschool teacher and it seems so overwhelming right now.

So I still wonder if trying to write 30 blog posts in 30 days was the smartest decision.

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE writing my blog! I LOVE hearing from someone how much I have encouraged them! I LOVE knowing that God is using ME through something that I enjoy!

I just don't EVER want to feel like I HAVE to do this! Then it becomes a J O B & not many people enjoy their jobs.

So bare with me while I attempt another challenge. Bare with me if some days life takes over & I don't get to post. Bare with me if occasionally something I write doesn't make as much sense as it did in my head.

Bare with me if I don't make it to 30. I'm going to give it my best effort, but if I fall short, remember I am human & bare with me!

Blessed to Be GOLD

I know that a few of you have been following my recent journey. I have finally taken back control of my life. I have fought & struggled with my weight for years. I have tried a few times in the past only to become disheartened, discouraged, & eventually fall right back into the same ole routines.

I have finally found something that works for me. I started Plexus Slim a little over 2 months ago. It is changing my life! I have lost 25 pounds & 27 inches in those 2 months. I am overcoming my sugar cravings and my Mt Dew addiction. In exchange for these not so good habits, I am learning to make better choices. I am slowly adding exercise back into my life when I can make the time.

Not only is Plexus making me healthier, but it is providing an income for my family. Since I have been a stay at home mother for almost 5 years, I have only made a little extra money here & there. But through Plexus & by God's grace, I am steadily adding to our family budget & we are slowly paying bills off.

I became an Ambassador with Plexus Slim on July 31 of this year. I joined strictly for my discount because I KNEW that this product was working for me & I wanted to save as much money as possible. My husband looked at me that night & told me that since I had the opportunity to sell it, I should at least try. I said, ok, but I really didn't think I could. I was just trying to appease him.

I made a couple of posts to Facebook that night & had my first order the next day. I sold over $900 that first week! And before August was over, I sold almost $3000 & had became a Silver Ambassador! My total pay for the month of August was $$$$! I couldn't believe it! I was HOOKED! I KNEW that this was an opportunity that God had placed in my lap & I wasn't going to waste it!

As September rolled around, I started thinking about the future. I didn't know how I could build this business. But I was sure that God would provide a way.

Halfway through September, I really started looking at the next level in Plexus - a Gold Ambassador. I needed a total of 20 people under me and all 20 of those people needed to reach $120 in sales. Now, $120 in sales with Plexus is EASY, but that many people?? I just wasn't sure. I had 11 people already, but to add 9 more people & everyone reach their sales in 2 weeks. That was a HUGE goal!

I kept praying. I knew that if it was God's will, it would happen! Little by little, my goal started looking attainable!

Well, I am TICKLED PINK to announce that as of yesterday September 30, 2013, I became a GOLD Ambassador with not just 20, but 21 people under me reaching their sales goals!

I also have the pleasure of knowing my team added 3 Silver Ambassadors in September to make a total of 4. And my total pay from September is going to be mid $$$$! I just can't get over how much God is blessing me, as well as many others through Plexus!

I’m Waiting on the Bigger & Better

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