Friday, August 30, 2013

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ Back To School?

....... um ....... NOPE! Not yet!

I was really hoping to start back on Tuesday Sept 3. BUT, if I don't get my butt in gear, That's NOT going to happen! I have still yet to plan ONE SINGLE THING!!! Oh My!!

Public school started back this week. Just in case you missed my big announcement a few weeks ago, my oldest decided it was time to rejoin his peers in the brainwashing process. (I'm just kidding!)

I can joke about public school & still be supportive!

I truly believe this will be a good change for Austin. He was ready. And I'm proud of him for knowing what he wants & going after it. But I do miss him like crazy!

So anyway, I have tried to catch up on various others things this week, but it feels like I am just spinning my wheels. I have completely fallen victim to (& LOVING every minute of it) allowing Logan to take a nap in my bed every day (with me in there with him!). I have come to crave this quiet time almost as much as he does.

We'll see just how much I can get done over the weekend in the hopes that we can start school next week. Don't hold your breath though!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ Change & a New Chapter

It is with much joyous anxiety that Grace of God Christian Academy announces a HUGE CHANGE to their 2013-2014 school year! I knew this day was fast approaching. I knew that I would have mixed emotions. But I also knew that God would provide!

If you haven't guessed by now, my oldest son Austin is returning to the ranks of public school in a little over a week. A WEEK?!?! That's it? That's all I have left?

Oh, Lord have mercy!

We have discussed this for 3 years. We have kept our options open. We knew that unless God directed otherwise, the children would return to public high school. It was never in my vision to homeschool all the way through. I wasn't against it, I just didn't see it.

We started talking last year & knew deep down that he would probably return in the 7th grade. The boy LOVES football! And unfortunately, here in NC, he can no longer participate after the 6th grade. Now, wait. Football was NOT the deciding factor, but it is important. So that led to the possibility of him returning for 6th grade. EVERYONE would be adjusting to the newness then & it would be an easier transition.

I thought we were settled on continuing homeschool in the 6th grade when Austin told me one day he wasn't ready to go back yet. I didn't even second guess things as I purchased our 2013-2014 curriculum. But maybe this completely explains my lack of desire & motivation for planning out our year!

Justin & I are at peace with this decision. My baby is growing up & I know he will be fine!

As for his books, I think I will just keep them. I have 2 more behind him, & 1 who says she is NEVER going to public school. ;) We shall see.

This also frees me up to focus on Makenzie & her reading. So that is a definite plus!

YES, I am nervous! YES, I am excited! YES, I will worry! YES, I'm sure I will cry! But, YES, I WILL TRUST GOD!!!

PLEASE pray for my family as we all transition over to being on someone else's schedule & having to follow the rules. PLEASE pray that Austin adjusts well & makes wise decisions. PLEASE pray that I allow him to grow & mature in his own way. Most importantly, PLEASE pray that we follow God's will!

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