Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Plexus Testimonials - Amy

My updated testimonial

I started Plexus on May 26th for anxiety/depression. I was extremely skeptical and didn't think it would work, but considering I had really bad side effects from the perscriptions I decided to give it a try. After all I was looking for something that was all-natural that would help with my anxiety/depression. I purchased a 7 day supply and was completely amazed when I saw a huge difference in my anxiety the very first day. By the 3rd day I saw a dramatic change in my depression. I had found the answer I had been looking for. On day 5 I met with my upline to sign up as an ambassador and order a 30 day supply. Well that was my plan, I actually ordered a 90 day supply instead!

I can't even begin to describe what it's like to be able to take something that is all-natural that relieves my anxiety/depression and it doesn't stop there. Did you know most heartburn/indegestion is also caused by anxiety/depression? I just found this out about a week ago. I had been wondering why when I started Plexus I no longer had heartburn and decided I was going to find the answer. I also no longer have back pain, I'm not sure if I had the pain because of my weight or what but it is gone and I'm not even using the fast relief products. I know that people say it's not good to crack your bones but it's a bad habbit of mine. Since starting plexus my fingers, back, neck, and toes crack so much easier now because the inflammation that I didn't even know I had is gone. I am in such a better mood now and most of my co-workers and family have notcied it. They all say I have so much more energy now and I'm fun to be around. Before I was so miserable that I would bring people down around me. I knew this but I couldn't figure out what to do about it and I hated feeling like that. Before Plexus my anxiey was so bad that one time my fiance wanted to be nice and cook me dinner. He made hamburgers and when I walked in the kitchen and saw how big they were, I started bawling. No not little tears, they kind of bawling that a little kid does when they can't catch their breath for anything. All because the hamburgers were bigger than the bun. Imagine what was going through my fiances mind at that time. I know how rediculous that sounds, but when you are dealing with anxiety the smallest things get to you and even though you know it's dumb and you need to stop, you literally can't.

I have also lost quite a bit of weight since being on Plexus. When I started I was 220lbs and I did not lose anyting until my second week was almost over. This was find with me because I was using it for my anxiety/depression, weight loss would have just been a plus. Well I have been using it for almost two months and I am down 23lbs. I have lost so many inches, but I don't know how to meassure correctly so I'm not sure how many. From the pics you can tell the difference though. I feel so much better about myself and my self-esteem has come up so much both from the weight loss and not having to deal with the anxiety/depression. The pic on the left is after I started Plexus but had not lost any weight from it yet, I was at 220lbs. In the middle I had lost 16lbs so that put me at 204lbs. Yesterday I took another pic, the one on the right. In this pic I am at 197lbs, finally below 200!!!! I still have a long way to go, and I know I will get there. Even if for some reason I stopped losing I would still continue with Plexus because it helps for so much more than just weight loss.

I don't know what I would do without Plexus. It has saved my life, not literally, but my quality of life is so much better. The fact that I'm only 26 and have to consider my quality of life is so sad, but Plexus no longer makes me have to consider that! It keeps me healthy in everyway and that is all I need from it.

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