Monday, May 25, 2015

THIS is why I have up drugs years ago

Can I just be honest for a minute here? 

am hurting. I am smack dab in the middle of fighting off the flu and a UTI. 

In May none the less. Who gets the flu in May?!

I haven't had the flu in over 9 years.

This thing came out of the middle of nowhere & ran me over like a freight train. 

So what does this have to do with drugs? 

The ER doctor gave me a Valium & a Rx for Flexaril along with the usual meds. To say I'm a little loopy is an understatement. 

*note: if I say something off the wall or misspell everything, overlook me.

I don't like not being in control, not remembering, & feeling like my world is spinning. So that's the reason I'm glad I don't do drugs anymore. Well, one of the reasons anyway. 

Maybe I'll have something intelligent to say in a few days,

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Don't Let Satan Steal Your Motherhood

I have carried a blog post in the back of my Bible for awhile now. I go back & read it every now & then.

Since last Sunday was Mother's Day, I shared it, through lots of tears, at church.

I should have known. I should have been ready, but I wasn't.

Satan struck back with a vengeance. And he sucker punched me right in the heart.

I received a phone call about disrespectful & disruptive behavior at school. I have cleaned all sorts of bodily fluids off of furniture. I have listened to more bickering than usual. And I have been swamped with chores.

While "in the moment", I almost let him win. It took lots of effort, not by me, but by God - ok, well maybe not so much "effort" from Him, but it sure felt like it.

But no matter what obstacles I encounter, no matter how high the mountain, or how low the valley, I am still blessed beyond measure, blessed far more than I deserve!

Anyway, here is the post. Go check out what happens when Satan steals your motherhood.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Take Another Little Piece of my Heart

A child can bring you more joy than you could ever imagine, but they can also break your heart into so many pieces you don't believe there's enough glue in the world to fix it. I'm not just talking about your own child either. If you've ever gotten close to a child that wasn't yours, you already know this.

I've always had a heavy burden for our young people, for my kids, my kids' friends, my friends' kids, my niece & nephew, my church kids....all of them. But here lately, it seems heavier.

I've taken some time to step back and watch our young people. Some things that I am seeing upsets me.

Now, I'm not too old that I don't remember being a teenager & falling madly in love with someone. But our kids fall a lot faster these days. They also recover a lot faster too.

A broken heart, a true broken heart takes time to heal. It wants the opportunity to slowly knit itself back together before it even considers feeling anything again. If that's the case, then how do you fall in love over & over & over & over again, only to break up, have a broken heart, then miraculously fall in love again, all within the span of a few days, sometimes even hours.

There's nothing wrong with switching boyfriends/girlfriends almost as often as you change your underoos, at least at this age. (Personal opinion here, if your's is different, please be respectful of mine. Afterall, this is MY blog.) There's plenty of time to be serious when you have to grow up.

My concern here is how freely people "fall in love".

I recently asked the question "what's his/her last name?" When the answer is "I don't know", please tell me then how in the world you LOVE them?! My son responded with the best answer I've heard to this question in a long time .... "it's a lie".

Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner!

He's right. It is a lie!

It's a lie we tell ourselves. It's a lie we tell the other person.

Did you know that if you tell a lie long enough, you will start to believe it?

Social Media has really changed our society. For the better or for the worse, I'm not 100% sure yet.

It certainly has its advantages, this blog for one ;)

But technology has irrevocably changed us. It has made us braver, bolder, judgmental, more callous, & more cold hearted than any other single thing EVER. We think we can comment whatever we want on anything we want without having to deal with the consequences. Somethings we say or do through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (DO NOT get me started on that one!), text, or whatever other media outlet you prefer, we would NEVER EVER even consider saying or doing if we had to in person, or even over the phone (you know, actually talking to someone - that is what phones were invented for many moons ago).

If I'm not careful, I'll get started on how jaded the next generation (& even my generation) is becoming, so back to my point...

Young people, pay attention!

Your prince is out there young ladies & you shouldn't have to kiss all of those slimy frogs to find him. Those frogs don't love you, but one day your prince will. Your prince will be tender & kind. He will respect you & those you hold dear. He will try to impress you without being conceited.

Fellows, your lady is patiently waiting for you. Be a gentleman and wait on her too. Don't push yourself on anyone. Don't fall for those singing Sirens, who might look enticing, but they only want to destroy you. Your lady will be beautiful, both inside and out.

You don't have to tell everyone coming & going that you love them. And if someone tells you that they love you, but you don't feel the same way, don't feel pressured to repeat it. Just smile and say thank you! Every time you tell someone you love them without really meaning it, you are giving away a piece of your heart.

Believe me, when you find the right one, YOU WILL KNOW! And then "I love you" will have a whole new meaning!

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