Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly - Part 2

So after all of the negativity, I thought we would end on a positive note. These are the things that make me happy. The things that bring a smile to my face just thinking about.

My Saviour - I would be NOTHING without Jesus! He is my rock & my shelter. I don't live for Him like I should, but His love amazes me!

A Good Book - I love to be able to lose myself completely while reading about someone else.

Fresh Cut Grass - There are few smells that compare to grass that has just been mowed in the summer.

The Beach - Everything about the beach. But mostly, the feeling of wet sand slipping away from your feet as you stand in the ocean's edge. The crystal clear smell of salt water. The peace that rides in on the wind that can only be experienced close to shore.

Peach Nehi - This is the best drank out of a cold bottle on a hot day.

Saving Money - I can't explain the excitement I get from getting something for next to nothing.

Canning from my Garden - Even when I get overwhelmed because all of the crops come in at one time, there is nothing like the satisfaction of preserving & then eating food that you helped grow.

That Ah-Ha Moment - You know the one. Watching your child struggle to grasp a concept only to eventually see recognition dawn on their face.

Seeing someone smile & knowing that you had a part in making them happy.

Snuggling with my babies.

Mexican Food

Fire - Becoming mesmerized by the way the flames dance & consume everything in its way. The smokey smell that clings to everything near by. I used to lay in front of the fireplace at my grandmother's for hours just watching the fire.

Music - I enjoy all types of music from various different time periods.

Ireland - I don't know what the pull is for me. But  for as long as I can remember, I have been in awe of anything Irish. Maybe, its the magic...

The smell of a freshly bathed baby.

A Perfectly Roasted Marshmallow - For me, that means burning the outside layer, peeling it off to eat it, & repeating until there is nothing left.

Spring - The birds singing. Chilly mornings & sun drenched days. The promise of new life.

Summer - The carefree spirit. Swimming. Cooking out. Gardens.

Autumn - The crisp air. The rich colors. Leaves crunching underfoot. Pumpkins.

Winter - The first snowfall. Hot chocolate. Family dinners.

My Kids .... more specifically...
Knowing that they love the Lord. Hearing them sing Gospel songs. Their desire to go to every Bible School around. The sound of their hysterical laughter from being tickled too much.

Austin - The smattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose (I don't know if "smattering" is a real word, but I always think that about his freckles). The way he shows off, only to suddenly get shy when a pretty girl is around. His heart of gold. The way he will sometimes beg to read after he has gone to bed. His hard work & determination towards the things he thinks are worthwhile. Watching his imagination work as he builds countless things. Knowing that he watches out for Makenzie when no one else is around.

Makenzie - The way her eyes light up when she is excited. Her willingness to wear her heart on her sleeve. Her need to mentor anyone that needs a little extra help. Her fascination with clothes, jewelry, make-up, & shoes. Her genuine desire to make everyone happy. Her adoration for her younger brother. The fact that she always wants a hug even when you are mad.

Logan - The way his hair curls at the back of his neck when he gets hot. Knowing how excited he gets over food. Watching him dance everytime he hears music. Seeing his little arms reach up to you when he wants you. The silly trick he does where he spits his papi out just because he sees a sippy cup (he also does it when you open the fridge).

I love it when I'm standing somewhere & Justin walks up behind me to wrap his arms around me & kiss my neck.

I could go on & on. I learned many years ago that its not the big celebrations that you remember most in life. Its the everyday moments that carry their way into your heart & forever etch themselves into your memories. I am blessed beyond measure. I hope that you take a few minutes to savor those fleeting moments & try not to dwell on the unimportant things.

Friday, July 27, 2012

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly - Part 1

A dear friend of mine recently posted on Facebook many of the things that annoy her. I got a kick out of it & it got me to thinking..... So here goes.....

We all have pet peeves. You know, the things that get under your skin & find it hard to ignore. So here are a few of mine, in no certain order.

Liars - I cannot not stand to be lied to. If you are doing something that you feel the need to lie about - I have a suggestion - STOP DOING IT! If you don't want to tell me that you are doing it, then tell me to mind my own business. Its no big deal. I have bluntly put my nose where it doesn't belong in the past & I am sure I will do it again. Just tell me the truth.

Cheaters - This falls right in line with #1. If you have to cheat to win, then you don't deserve to win. I have been known to call people out for cheating during a card game. Just play fair.

Back Stabbers - Do not pretend to like me only to turn around & talk bad about me to someone else. I promise that your opinion of me will not make me or break me. If I say something about you to one of my friends, rest assured that I would also say it to your face.

People that think they are better than others. - Just because you have a huge house, a nice car, a prestigious job, & loads of money does NOT make you better than me or anyone else! We all put our jeans on one leg at a time, we all breathe the same air, & we will all die the same way we were born. I don't care what you have managed to accomplish in life, you can't take it with you. And guess what - your mansion in Heaven will not be much different than mine.

Soured Towels - Oh that smell sticks to the inside of your nose & takes forever to get rid of.

Anything in My Bed - My husband calls me the Princess & the Pea because if there is one single crumb or piece of dirt on my side of the bed, I will find it. It drives me crazy!

War - I hate fighting. No, I don't live in a world where I believe everyone can always get along, but seriously, why can't adults act like adults. Is it really necessary to blow up innocent people just because you don't agree with them.

Bullies - This goes along with #4 & #7. Just because you're bigger, doesn't make you better. Get over yourself.

Abuse - see above ^^^ Anyone that abuses a child, an animal, or another human weaker than them should be hung up by their toenails & beaten (& that's the nice punishment)

Today's Fashion - I really don't know which is worse - guys wearing clothes 3x too big & seeing their underwear or guys in skinny jeans. Both examples make you look horrible. And WHY must we try to dress our girls like they are working the street corner?

Hypocrites - I cannot understand why people choose not to take a stand for things. Yes, I would prefer that
people choose to stand for what's morally right & stand against what is morally wrong, but it doesn't work that way. No matter what you believe in - know why you believe it & stand behind it with all of your heart. Quit skirting the issues just to please someone else.

Christians that Don't Act Like Christians - see above ^^^

Rude People - Just be nice. Simple enough.

Disrespectful Children - I do not tolerate it in my own children & neither should you. The last time I checked, we are the adults & the ones in charge, not the adolescent who is having a bad day. Does that mean that my kids are never disrespectful? Nope, but they find out really quick what happens when they are.

Cleaning & Re-Cleaning - I just cleaned that, do you think you can clean up the mess you turned right around & made?

Stupid Comedy - Stupid comedy usually consists of anything with Jim Carrey, Chris Farley, or Adam Sandler. I like comedy, but it needs a plot.

Politics - I don't really like politicians in general. Lying & self serving seem to be part of the job description.

Procrastination - WHY do I put everything off to the last minute & then complain because I am stressed about getting it done on time? You would think I would learn...

Judgemental People - Everyone is entitled to their own opinions & their own life style. That doesn't by any degree mean that I agree with you or what you are doing. I can tell you out of love whether it is wrong & what Gods says about it. I can offer my advice & prayers. God is the only judge. It would benefit us all to remember that!

Being Taken Advantage Of - I try to be a very trusting person. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Do not let one of my good qualities turn into something ugly.

Dirty Floors - Have you ever been to my house? Yes, I have dirty floors and it drives me nuts! I could sweep & mop daily & still find dirt.

Sitting down only to realize that someone else has used all the toilet paper. And please put the new roll on correctly. No one wants to have to reach under the roll to grab it.

Misplacing Things - Keys, important papers, papis - you name it & I loose it.

Well, there you have it. An insiders view that what really aggravates me. I'm sure there are plenty more, but my brain is tired. Now that you know, make sure you don't do any of them! LOL

Stay tuned tomorrow & I'll let you know what really makes me smile! :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

A Living Legend

It is with a heavy heart & mixed feelings that I share the announcement that my pastor Fellman Cheek has chosen to resign as undershepherd of our church. We only have a few more weeks to glean as much knowledge & insight as we can from him. He will be leaving at the end of August.

Fellman is no longer a young man & he has been plagued with many hardships & heartbreaks. His health no longer allows him to preach the way he used to. It has also become harder for him to oversee other duties that most pastors willingly handle. His heart is there, but his body cannot accommodate all of the demands any more.

We have all seen it coming & even I have said that he needs to slow down.

The only thing that truly concerns me is the fact that he has always said he wants to die behind the pulpit, and if he ever got to the point where he could no longer preach, he wished that God would take him home. Knowing this about him, it makes me question if he will give up the fight.
I have had the honor of calling him my pastor since I was 10 years old. Even when I wasn't sitting directly under his leadership, he was still my pastor. My children have had the privilege to grow up listening to this man of God. All 3 of them have been dedicated back to God by him.

He has lived a long, fulfilling life. He has loved & lost. He has a wife waiting for him in Heaven & he has a wife here that is as devoted to him as anyone could ask. Children, Grandchildren, & even Great Grandchildren have seen him at his best & surely at his worst. He has lead many people to the Lord & he has encouraged, influenced, & helped countless more. Surely when it is his time to cross Jordan, he will be welcomed with open arms & huge smile.

He has filled his position well. He has been a great example. And his legend will live on.

Friday, July 20, 2012

But Amnon Had a Friend

How many times have we heard "But so & so is doing it"?
How many times have we said "If so & so jumped off a cliff, would you do it too"?

As parents, it is our job to lead our children in the right direction. We provide them with the best education. We look out for their safety. We sacrifice ourselves so that they can have opportunities that we didn't. We  encourage them to make the right decisions. We also try to steer them towards the right friends.

Yes, I had friends growing up that my parents didn't like. I would get so mad when they told me I shouldn't be friends with this person or that I couldn't date this boy. All too often, I didn't listen. But what teenager does listen most of the time?

Looking back, I wished that I had listened a little more. Those wayward friends, that bad boy. I've seen where some of those people have ended up & its not somewhere I needed to be.

Proverbs 13:20 He that walketh with wise men shall be wise:
but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.

But when do we really, actively start interceding on our children's behalves? Do we let them become close friends with the kid down the street who comes from a broken home with mixed up values? Do we let them go on playdates with families who don't share our beliefs? Do we tolerate things even though we might not like the kid or their parents? Do we allow bonding with those less fortunate?

Do we encourage friendships in the hopes of building everyone's character? Or do we discourage them in the fear of our child falling to some place that we don't approve of?

2 Samuel 13:1 And it came to pass after this, that Absalom the son of David had a fair sister,
whose name was Tamar; and Amnon the son of David loved her.
2 And Amnon was so vexed, that he fell sick for his sister Tamar; for she was a virgin;
and Amnon thought it hard for him to do anything to her.
3 But Amnon had a friend, whose name was Jonadab, the son of Shimeah David's brother:
and Jonadab was a very subtil man.
4 And he said unto him, Why art thou, being the king's son, lean from day to day?
wilt thou not tell me? And Amnon said unto him, I love Tamar, my brother Absalom's sister.

I don't have all the answers. I just pray the best for my children in all that they do. I long for them to exhibit strong Christian morals, accept Jesus as their savior at an early age, develop long lasting true friendships, to fall deeply in love (not to soon), to be passionate about everything they do, & to make a difference in someone's life.

Its a fine line between being overbearing & intrusive versus being cautious & loving.

Can we truly lead them down the right path if we don't have an active part in their entire life?

Not too fast parents..... We need to examine our lives as well. Its far easier for someone to bring you down than for you to bring them up. Remember that when you pick the people you are around the most. Even though you may not be doing everything that your friends are doing, it won't be long before you are associated with their actions. It won't be long before you start thinking, "Hey that's not so bad". It won't be long before you start to believe that the people you used to value are suddenly "out to get you". It won't be long before nothing else matters.

Can we truly lead our children when we don't know where we are going?

Amnon seemed a fine upstanding noble man until he took his friend's advice.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Every Step Counts

Have I said yet just how much I enjoy going to the free summer movies with my kids? Well, I do! This is one of the things that we all look forward to every summer. I think I get just as excited as they do.

Most of the time when I am watching a movie (especially at home), I am distracted. I hear just enough of it to understand the concept behind it. But I hardly ever really sit down & enjoy it. Going to the theatre gives me that extra push to focus on what's in front of me & not what's waiting on me when I get home.

This year's choices in movies have really stuck out to me. Even though I have already seen most of them, I am finding all those little "nuggets" that I missed before. Its awesome how God uses the simplest things to open my eyes! This is week 6 & I have cried during 3 of these movies!

Today we saw Happy Feet 2. This is one of the few kids movies that I haven't seen. Let me just say that if you haven't gotten to watch this one yet, you NEED to! On the outside looking in, it is adorable. BUT, on closer inspection there is so much more!

The attitude & determination that those penguins show could change the world! There is so much love & hope in their efforts to unite, save, & make a difference. If only there were more people that believed this way!

"Sometimes you have to back up to move forward."
"We all have a purpose. Yours is to change the world."
"There's only one of me. I am one in a krillion."
"You don't have to fly to be awesome."
"Fluffy don't float."

Monday, July 16, 2012

Cloud 9

Yep, the Bauguess kids have reached cloud 9 & are swiftly approaching clouds 10, 11, & 12!

After months & months of wondering when & if it would happen, Makenzie finally lost her first tooth yesterday. She pulled it all by herself during church. Um, I guess if I asked her what the sermon was, she probably wouldn't remember. I'm pretty sure that God understands!

Last night, while we were saying her prayers, Makenzie prayed for the tooth fairy to have a safe trip. Then after she had only been in her room for 10-15 minutes, she came out to let me know that the tooth fairy had not come yet. I tried to explain to her that she had to go to sleep first. She tried to tell me that she had been asleep! Yeah, ok...

Then this morning, she woke me up at 6am to show me her dollar! Of course she also bounded into Austin's room a short time later to show him. He attempted to show excitement through half closed eyes. Austin asked her if she knew what she needed to do next .... her response - Yeah, I need to pull more teeth! BWAHAHAHA

She is still talking about the tooth fairy!

Today we drove down to Raleigh for the 4H Congress. Austin was competing in Poultry Judging. Anyone that knows Austin, knows that he loves his chickens! This has been such a good opportunity for him. He is learning every aspect to chickens from birth to death & beyond.

So after months & months of studying, meeting, & preparing, I am proud to say that Wilkes County came in 1st place in the Junior Division! Those boys were so excited! Ok, the parents & supporters were a little excited as well ;)

After the competition, we left Austin to spend the night in Raleigh. This is the first time he has ever been this far away from us! I'm sure he will be fine, but will I? They are growing up so fast!

Austin has already decided that he wants to go to college at NC State. Oh, I'm not sure if I can handle pulling for the Wolfpack or not. I bleed BLUE!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Time & the Living's Easy

Hello Blogger World! Have you missed me?!?!

I'm sorry. I haven't felt very "noteworthy" lately. I still don't, but let me just recap the insanity.

June was CRAZY BUSY! Youth Tent Revival, Logan's Birthday Party, Vacation Bible School, baseball, camping, gardening, cook outs, tutu dresses, & Play Station parties are just some of the things that went on in those 30 days that FLEW by! Even through the overwhelming fun, not to mention the HEAT, I blinked & it was gone.

Speaking of the heat - wow, just WOW. Just in case you have been hiding under a rock somewhere obviously far far away from the record breaking heat, here is a video reminding you. (Disclaimer: I have no idea what else this website offers. I did not research it. I just thought the video was neat) So needless to say, triple digits has limited our trips to the pool. Hmm- sounds contradictory, huh? Yeah well, I like to BREATHE when I step outside.

We have also dealt with sickness upon sickness. Repeated ear infections, Roseola, chronic coughing, & colds - ugh, really, its not time for that!

I had really BIG intentions & hopes for this summer as far as how much we would get done with school ........ YEAH RIGHT! If we have even read a book together as a family, we have done good! I'm ashamed to admit that! Every bit of my desire & motivation disappeared. Oh well, that's the beauty of homeschool, right? (I hope)

On the other hand, I have been completely immersed in reading for the past month or so. I LOVE to read & I have always been able to lose myself in a good book. Unfortunately, I don't have the free time to indulge in this passion as often as I want to. I have taken advantage of the little extra free time & the more relaxed scheduling that comes with summer. There have even been a few times that I have had to DRAG myself away from a book in order to accomplish anything!

So here's to summer. May you enjoy those special indulgences that we too often forget about - catching fireflies, watching the first stars twinkle to life, hearing a child's delight at running through the sprinklers, the sweet satisfaction of "ping" when that jar seals, & sipping lemonade on the front porch with friends. Before you know it, the easy pace is gone & the race is back on.

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