Saturday, August 1, 2015

What Does He Say

You've seen it.

I've seen it.

Almost everyone knows someone affected by an abusive relationship.

I've seen it with girls & their "protective" boyfriend. I've seen it with boys & their "jealous" girlfriend. I've even seen it with your "best" friend.

Every. Single. One of you (US) is at risk for a toxic relationship.

but for simplicity, we are going to stick with the protective boyfriend here 

It starts out like any other relationship, you catch each other's eye, start talking, & eventually start dating. The changes are so subtle that you don't even see them happening.

When he gets jealous over others guys, even ones you have been friends with forever, you think "he's just being protective". When he no longer wants you to hang out with your best friend, you think "well, we do tend to get into trouble together".

When he says he wants to spend every minute with you, you think "oh how sweet, he must really love me". When he asks you to wear or not to wear a certain outfit, you think "he just wants me to look my best".

When he changes to be more what you want or like, you think "wow, we have a lot in common". When he changes you to be more what he wants, you think "its ok, we all make sacrifices for love".

When he loses his temper, you think "it was only one time, he wouldn't ever hurt me". When he becomes violent, you think "it will never happen again". When he stays violent, you think "if I wouldn't make him so mad, he wouldn't act like this".

"But baby, I LOVE you! Why do you make me act so crazy?"

In case you haven't realized it yet, the devil doesn't show up with a pitchfork reeking of smoke, he's usually the best looking one around who can sweet talk like no other. I should know, I had my very own Devil in Disguise.

I've been there!!! Others have been there!! So when someone sees the warning signs, PLEASE pay attention!

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