Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What's Good for the Goose...

I consider myself a pretty reasonable person. I try not to judge people. I try to treat everyone equally. I have my own set of beliefs that I live for & if the need arose, I would die for. I am passionate about what I believe. I can respect your opinions & your beliefs as well. But don't be surprised if I tell you that I don't agree with you. It doesn't mean I think less of you. It just means that I am outspoken.

What I don't have any tolerance for is stupid people. I'm not talking about people who do something without knowing better. That lack of knowledge is ignorance. But doing something even though you know better is pure stupidity. I also don't handle double standards very well. What is good for one person should be good enough for another.

Now that you know where I stand (some of you already knew me enough to know that), I want to open up a can of worms that has many people upset these days.

I'm not a true fan of Paula Dean. I don't watch her show. I don't even know the name of her show. I do, however, own a baking dish with her name stamped on it that I absolutely love.

Whether I am a supporter of Dean's or not is completely irrelevant. This falls back on morals, which is something that many people today know nothing about. I have no clue whether or not she said many of the things she is being accused of. She has admitted to some of it, but I am sure that some of it has been blown out of proportion.

Should she (or anyone for that matter) use racial slurs, call people names, or belittle others? NO! It should never be accepted. But, why have we thrown Paula Dean to the wolves when we (not me) idolize rappers who call each other names & belittle women on a daily basis? Why has society gone crazy over someone voicing their opinion of another race (whether right or wrong) when people are being murdered for their religious beliefs? Why has every big name supporter dropped her like a hot poker when they continue to sing the praises of athletes who use drugs, movie stars who drive drunk, & musicians who desecrate the American Flag by walking on it?

Does this not PROVE how messed up our society is?!?!

Now, if you are reading this & you can HONESTLY say that you have NEVER said anything that would be considered offensive, disrespectful, or racist, then you are one of a kind & you can throw as many stones as you want to. But, I bet that every single one of us, at one point in our lives, has said or done something that we have looked back on & realized "WOW, that was stupid! I never should have done that."

Most of us live & learn. We try to get better everyday. We want to live in a world where people are kind & good. Where we can live along side our neighbor no matter if the choices they make in life differ from the ones we make. Where we can voice our opinions and beliefs to each other respectfully, without judgement.

Until we stop picking & choosing which sin is bigger & which one we can live with, our world will never have peace.

Just remember that you might want to inspect that glass house of yours for cracks before you go throwing stones. I would hate for it to come crashing down around you.

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