Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Master Makes All The Difference

Unfortunately I stayed home from church this morning with a killer headache. I had one all day yesterday & no matter what I took, nothing phased it. So I curled up on the bed & went back to sleep.

As I was starting to wake up, I could vaguely hear someone talking on TV. They were talking about a commercial that was aired several years ago. I forgot all about it, but it was one that I remember vividly & loved.

The little boy wonders backstage and before his parents realize where he went, they hear a simple song on the piano. As his parents try to figure out what to do, the concert pianist steps onto stage. Instead of fussing at the boy or shooing him away, the master sits down with him and encourages him to continue playing as he performs a beautiful complex number in perfect tune & harmony.

This commercial is simply saying that we all need encouragement. But this person on TV took it a step further. He talked about how we could all go about our day, doing the best we could & it might turn out ok. BUT when the Master stepped in, everything changed! The Master can take whatever we do, no matter how simple, & transform it into something incredible.

Now I don't put much faith into TV evangelism & I will NOT mention names, but this small piece of the message really struck a cord with me.

My life is simple, many times strange, & all too often a blundering mess. But when the Master steps in, He changes it into something beautiful, into something He can use!

It's amazing what a difference the Master can make!

Watch how the Master can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary!

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