Sunday, May 18, 2014

100 Happy Days

Have you seen all of the pictures lately with #100happydays attached to them? 

Yeah, me too. I have been looking at this website for a few days now, thinking about it. 

71% of people that start this challenge do not complete it. Really? 71%? That seems like a lot. 

The main reason stated for giving up on something so simple... Not enough time.

Not enough time?

Have we become so busy that we forget to take the time to be happy? Or are we just too busy to tell people about it?


I know that many times I get so caught up in life that I forget to live! I focus on the  unimportant stuff & I let the junk weigh me down. 

Sometimes the "stuff" is all I can remember. Sometimes the fighting is all I can focus on. Sometimes the bad drowns out the good. Sometimes I forget WHY I'm living this life. 

So, here goes. I am going to make a conscious effort to capture not just one thing each day that makes me happy, but I'm going to try to point out lots of simple things that make me happy. I'm sure that some days I will flood your news feed, while others may not have nearly as many. 

Bare with me! I hope this will be an eye opener for me. I need to be reminded that at one point in time, I was a happier person. Somewhere in time, that person became far too serious. She needs to learn to laugh again.

Why don't you join me?! We all need to remember why this life really is worth living! 

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