Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rachel Ray has Nothing On me

Hello out there in blogger land!

Can I just say that I have ROCKED IT for supper this week? Why yes, I do believe I can!!

First, in honor of St Patrick's Day, we made Rainbow Cupcakes! WOW, what fun!! Yes, I had WAY too many dishes to wash, but hey it was worth it!

I also made Loaded Potato Soup since anything potato-ey should be Irish, right?

Justin was out of town all weekend  so we actually waited until Monday to enjoy our delicacies. I don't think the leprechauns were too offended.

One night, I surprised everyone (especially Makenzie - who without batting an eyelash said "I hate that!") with omelets. Might I just state here & now that I have never & I do mean NEVER made an omelet before. I always convince Justin to make them for me!

So I found this handy little recipe on a blog that I follow & quickly pinned it to Pinterest (feel free to follow me there) for Western Omelet Rolls. Now granted, mine didn't turn out that pretty & my eggs stuck BIG TIME, but man was it yummy! Even to the cute little blonde who claimed to hate it before she even tasted it.

Lasagna Roll Ups were also a huge hit this week. This is yet another one that I have pinned. (Don't you just LOVE that site?!)

We have actually ate this before & loved it. I was a little skeptical about all of that spinach. Hey, its green & healthy, I really didn't think my kids would touch it. So I made some with spinach & I made some with hamburger & spaghetti sauce. Believe it or not, they liked the spinach ones better.

YIPEE! Score one for our health!

Let's see what other masterpieces I can create this week. LOL

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