Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ Civil Duty, CPR, & Dr. Seuss

What a full & interesting week....

If you read last week's Tales of a Homeschool Nothing, then you already know that I started the week with Jury Duty. Were you anxiously dreading awaiting it as much as I was?

We packed up all of our school books and a few toys & headed to the courthouse just after lunch on Monday. Austin & Makenzie were amazingly well behaved. They camped out in the floor & worked on school. Logan was as well behaved as anyone could expect a 20 month old to be while cooped up in a very quiet, non child friendly room.

We were sworn in, watched our orientation video & handled paperwork, then we were all ushered into a courtroom. The bailiff allowed the kids to stay in a room right beside us so they wouldn't be a distraction. I could still hear Logan hollering "Mommy!" & received several sympathetic looks.

I started to worry as the judge was explaining our duties and obligations when he stressed how important jury service is. He even went so far as to say that "we all go through our everyday lives, running here & there, worrying about our kids & grandkids, that we forget what is really important - like jury duty."


Two hours later, the judge finally asked for hardship reasons why we could not fulfill our obligation to our government. Trust me, I was first in line!

When I explained to the judge that I was the only one available to watch my children due to everyone else around us working full time, he informed me that "we all make time for what is important to us." Yes sir, I realize this. That's WHY I homeschool. Thankfully he agreed to defer my summons.

My kids are still laughing & reciting this scene from How The Grinch Stole Christmas!

Austin took a Safe Sitter class on Wednesday & Thursday this week. He learned pretty much everything that an adult learns to get certified in CPR. He really enjoyed the class & I feel a lot better knowing that he now has the knowledge to help save someone's life should the need ever arise. (Here's praying that it doesn't!)

He said that now he knew how a motorcycle felt in a parking lot full of minivans - LOL!! He was the ONLY boy in the class!

While Austin was in class, I took Logan & Makenzie back to our church instead of driving back home. We made the most of it. Makenzie enjoyed propping her feet on her daddy's desk while she worked.

They also had 4H presentation practice this week. Austin chose to talk about dirt bike safety & Makenzie chose raising chickens. I'm proud of both of them for making an effort towards more involvement.

Friday, we celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday. That is worthy of its own post so check it out here.

Its been an usual week, but I'm thankful that we homeschool & we can make the best of every situation.

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