Sunday, March 3, 2013

Who Will See Anyway?

Do you ever feel like someone is watching you?

Do you ever feel like someone is just waiting for you to make a mistake?

I feel like that quite frequently. I have three little pairs of eyes that are always watching me. I have many others that are watching me on a very frequent basis.

I don't always feel like they are waiting for me to mess up as much as they are looking for guidance when they are confused or acceptance when they mess up.

As Christians, more people are watching us than we realize.

The world is watching and waiting. They are curious about our lives and what makes us different. Some are even jealous of our happiness and peace.

I have never claimed to be perfect. I have never claimed to have all the answers. BUT I DO hold fast & firm to the promises of God that I have been forgiven & that HE holds tomorrow. Even when I don't understand, God has a plan.

My mom hasn't attended church regularly since I was a teenager. In fact, I could probably count the times on two hands in 20 years & that even includes funerals.

This is a very difficult subject with me. I have tried and tried to talk to her. I have begged, I have cried, I have gotten angry. She claims to be saved but has no desire to have anything to do with church or God for that matter.

I try not to dwell on her lack of fruit, but sometimes its hard.

My heart was heavy this morning. I have been thinking about the song Celebrate Me Home. I won't be able to celebrate my mother's passing when the time comes. I just don't have the assurance of her salvation.

God's word tells us in Hebrew 10:25 "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."

This conversation came back up tonight - she actually brought it up.
I asked her to help me understand. The only response I kept getting was that she "had her reasons." I asked her if she ever missed church or being around other believers. She said that she had no intention of ever going back. And as far as believers - she had me.

 Oh mercy!  

What a pitiful example she has chose to look to!

 I've heard it said for many years that "you are the only Bible that many people see".  

I don't know about you, but that sure puts a lot of pressure on someone!

Are you living close enough to God that you can positively influence someone's life? Or have you fallen into the pit of despair that too many Christians fall into?  

Will someone be able to say "Thank You for Giving to the Lord"? Or will they think you are just another hypocrite?  

Live your life as a blessing to God. Whether you think anyone is watching or not.  
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