Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ Schooling Outside the Box & Night at the Museum

WHEW - man am I TIRED!

I have been set up at a consignment sale for 4 days promoting Blessed Boutique. Let me just first say how thankful I am that God blessed our family through this opportunity!

The kids - ALL 3 kids - have been at my mom's house so I could actually get some work done. This wasn't my first choice, but I didn't have much of an option. Oh well.

I sent their school work with them & amazingly they actually did a little bit. I haven't checked it for accuracy yet though.....

As a family, we all worked on the upcoming performance for Night at the Museum. Makenzie rehearsed her speech over & over and she worked on her poster. We planned out her costume as well. Justin helped Austin or maybe I should say that Austin helped Justin build a model airplane (from scratch).

My boys did an amazing job portraying Wilbur and Orville Wright, even though Orville screamed for his sissy while eating a cookie on stage. Makenzie was the cutest Rosie the Riveter I have EVER seen.

Lady Liberty, Billy Graham, Molly Pitcher, Amy Carmichael, and Raggedy Ann were just a few of the exhibits that came to life. There was even a puppet show depicting Queen Esther's life.

We focused on History & Science the first half of the week since we wouldn't get a chance to do that once the consignment sale started.

We continued our study of the Earth and the Moon in Apologia Astronomy. They thoroughly enjoyed playing with the compass we made and discussing craters and eclipses.

We finished reading A Long Way From Chicago and it was one of the best books we have read this year. We also read Mississippi Bridge and discussed how different times are now and how black people were still treated inferior to whites even though they were free.

Now, I'm going to bed. Did I mention that I was tired?

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