Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Level P

Today is marking a very important day in Makenzie's school year. She is testing for her level P. I never thought we would get to that level this year.

If you are sitting there scratching your head in wonder, a level P is on grade level. It means she has read all of these reading passages, answered the questions accordingly, and passed them. It means she has an exemption from being considered for retention. It means success!

Now, she wasn't really being considered (at least not heavily) for third grade retention, but she was on the border.

For those of you that don't know, reading is one of the reasons we decided to put her in public school last year. I just couldn't teach her to read. She entered the 2nd nine weeks of second grade WAY below grade level. They immediately started several intensive programs with her & I put her in private tutoring as well.

She made so much progress just that first year (not even a full school year). She grew a year and a half's worth in only 6 months, but she was still so far behind her peers.

As this year progressed, her teacher told me that even though Makenzie still wasn't where she needed to be, they were not going to hold her back. She was ready in every other area, she just needed a little more help in reading.

To "pass" third grade, they need to pass the EOG or have certain exemptions: a passing BOG (she didn't have that), a Lexile at a certain score (she doesn't have that), a TRC (not a clue what that stands for) of a level P & it honestly didn't look like that would happen since she started 3rd grade with a level H, or passing the majority of reading standard tests they are given throughout the year. Those standards are very similar to the EOG, so that was worrisome as well.

A little over halfway through the year, Makenzie's teacher realized that more than likely she would meet one of those exemptions. She had easily passed every reading standard so far. With only 2 left, and the opportunity to retake them if needed, this exemption was going to be our saving grace. Her teacher also had the foresight to believe that she shouldn't have any problem passing the EOG since these standards are more or less mock EOG's.

Then yesterday, Makenzie excitedly tells me that she is testing for her level P today! She said she was nervous & excited all at the same time.

This may not mean anything to some of you, but for us, this is HUGE!!! This is just another reassurance that placing her in public school when we did was just the right time, all in God's time!

Say a little prayer for her today!!!

UPDATE....... She passed the level P & the level Q!!! Thanks for praying!!!

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