Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ What was I Thinking?!?

OK, we all know how insane I am - but seriously ....... my lack of planning has really showed up here lately!

Everyone warned me that it would take until about January or February before I would "get comfortable" with homeschool. That was about right. We had a decent schedule, had gotten rid of some things that were not working & tweaked some things to make them work better. I think we were all pretty content.

Well, you know me....... (da da da dum) SUPER MOM

I decided to try a new curriculum this year. No big deal, but Konos is completely different from what we were doing. I feel really good about it & the kids seem excited, so thats a plus!

As if starting something new isn't scary enough, not only am I teaching Austin (4th grade), but I'm also officially teaching Makenzie kindergarten this year as well! YIKES! I just dabbled with her last year because she was in PreK part of the time.

Justin & I are also leading the local Contenders of the Faith group for the first time as well. There are a lot of young gentlemen that will be looking to us for guidance! Justin helped quit a bit last year, but this year, its all us! AAHHHH!

Then, there's our "usual" responsibilities - summer movies, library reading programs, church, youth activities, various sporting events, boy scouts, etc. Have you seen my planner ..... LOL

And last but certainly not least - I have this adorable new little boy that demands all of my attention!

Oh well, who ever said my life was boring or predictable? What fun would that be?!
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