Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Where is Your Crown?

I just realized something tonight...all Christians are saved, but everyone that is saved is not a Christian. On top of that, Christians go to church, but some people that are saved do not attend church.

If you are anything like me, you are going to have to stop & ponder on this for a while. As I was thinking about it, the realization really hit home & brought tears to my eyes.

So many people that claim to be saved have a ... lazy, at best, attitude towards their salvation. There is no desire to get involved in church. Some are content with Sunday morning worship, some do not attend at all. They never have anything "spiritual" to talk about - meaning they don't want to talk about their blessings or the Bible or anything remotely dealing with God. They don't live their lives as a witness or care if anyone gets saved.

Thankfully, there are not many "qualifications" to become saved. We just have to believe! So anyone & everyone can become saved. To be a Christian is a little more difficult. We must be Christ like. Even though we will never be like Jesus, we must at least TRY!

One of our goals here on earth is to earn crowns to lay at the feet of Jesus. Its very sad to think that some people will enter Heaven empty handed.

I wonder, from time to time, if I have earned any crowns. I don't think that anything I have done is spectacular or anything, but I hope that some of my labor and struggles will be worth something in the eyes of my saviour. Even if I feel like so often my crowns have been beaten, banged up, or tarnished, I still want something to give to Jesus. I know He can make masterpieces out of the rubble that I stand in the middle of.

I think we all need to spend a little more time polishing our crowns. After all, Jesus deserves our very best!
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