Saturday, September 3, 2011

Its a Man's, I Mean, a Boy's World

And just HOW do they plan on getting
those eggs back to the house
God had a sense of humor when He created boys.

If you have boys of your own, you know this to be the 8th Wonder of the World. If you haven't been blessed with boys, well, just trust me. They are unique creatures - quit possibly from another planet! Boys can be sweet & charming, reckless daredevils, Momma's baby in need of a little petting, or rough & tumble brawlers ... & this is all withing a 5 minute span!

All of my kids have a special place in my heart, but there's just something a little extra special ( & infuriating) about that first born.

Notice the same blank
expression on their faces.

Austin had a friend spend the night last night. They have participated in a wide range of activities that boys enjoy including riding their dirt bikes, shooting guns, playing video games, terrorizing their younger siblings, & of course, football.

We went to the BIG football game last night between East Wilkes & Elkin. (a little shout out - East won!!) Not only did we have Austin, Makenzie, & Dakota, but we also picked up my niece & nephew Kelsey & Ethan - we left Logan with Nanny. I don't think he minded too much. So let's see, that's 3 football players & 2 cheerleaders, yep, just right for those Friday Night Lights!

Not a black eye like we thought
it would be, but scratched up
& puffy just the same.
 No sooner had we got there, Austin decided to show off his skills by trying to catch a football with his eye. I'm not sure exactly what Coach Brian is teaching those boys, but I don't think that was it. Then, sometime during the excitement & heat of action, a fight broke out between Austin & one of his friends. A couple of punches, some blown tempers, lots of not too nice words (I'm guessing), & a misunderstanding or too later. I sure hope they make up at church on Sunday!

So, that was enough drama for one night, right?!


We ride red at our house!
Let's get back to the dirt bikes & other boy toys. Ya know, the biggest problem with boys growing up ... their toys get more expensive!

I can't leave out my little man from all the glory & recognition! I do believe that I have my very first thumb sucker here! You should hear all the noise as he tries to accomplish this great task!

Not sure how many fingers he has in there.
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