Monday, September 5, 2011

Huh? Did You Say Something?

Why in the world did you do that?!?!

What were you thinking?!?!

Were you raised in a barn?!?!

How many times do I have to tell you?!?!

Am I the only one who repeatedly asks these questions? Does anyone else have a problem with people listening to them? *I'm talking about LISTENING, not hearing. There is a HUGE difference.*

We have had LOTS of attitude issues at my house lately & I'm not exactly sure how to fix them. We have grounded, spanked, screamed, threatened, rewarded good behavior, used Biblical principal - just about anything & everything, but to no avail. My heatherns are still misbehaving (& driving me crazy in the process).

Don't get me wrong they are good kids most of the time, but here lately ....................

So as Justin & I were trying to figure out the next step, he made the statement "We keep wanting their behavior to improve, but have we honestly prayed about it?"


No, when was the last time I weeped with conviction for my children ... or for anything actually? I felt horrible. But this triggered another thought in my head as well. Do I live my life the way I want them to live their lives? Probably not nearly as much as I think I do.

Parents ~
     Do you want your children to listen to you? - Listen to them.
     Do you want their respect? - Respect them.
     Do you want to be able to trust them? Make sure they can trust you.

Spiritual Leaders ~
     Do you want people to have a closer walk with God? How close are you walking?
     Do you want to see more souls saved? What are you doing to show them the way?

Teachers ~
     Do you want your students to have a desire to learn? Let your passion show through your work.
     Do you want them to turn in their best work? Give 110% of yourself.

Anytime we are in an authority position over someone, even our own children, we need to lead by example. They will only do as much as they see us do.
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