Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ Week 3 ~ Patience, Human Birth & Growth, Dinosaurs Have Chicken Pox, & Stone Mountain

Even though we didn't get everything covered that I had planned, this week has went a little better .... as long as you don't count Wednesday when we were STILL doing school at 5:30 - ggrrrrr. So, it seems to me that maybe I need to reevaluate my expectations - Nah, I think I'll wait a few more weeks & let my monsters get "back in the groove". Thankfully, Logan has been very cooperative this week, it was just Austin & Makenzie that goofed off to no end.
***chanting***it will get better***it will get better***it will get better***

Makenzie knows her numbers when she's counting, but gets a little confused when they are random. So to help her with them out of order, I tell her to draw a certain number of things. This also nourishes her artistic skills. Did you know that dinosaurs have chicken pox? Well, according to her they do.

PATIENCE: waiting without complaing
So maybe I reeaalllyy should have paid more attention for this one!

I love our unit studies from Konos because it emphasizes character traits that we all need to work on. In relation to being patient & waiting, we studied .... gulp .... where babies came from. EEEEKKKKK

OK, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. After all, Austin already knows. Justin taught him last year by using his paramedic book & scared the daylights out of him. He may never go anywhere near a girl for the rest of his life....wait, who am I kidding? My oldest son is a chick magnet. Oh well.

So I chose the book So That's How I Was Born to read to Makenzie. I did however, leave out 1 little bitty paragraph. I mean, really, she's 5 years old, she doesn't need to know everything.

We will be continuing this study next week to see how our bodies are constantly growing.

We returned to Keepers & Contenders this week. We had a time of fun & fellowship at Stone Mountain. Most of the kids & a few brave adults played in the always frigid water. Despite several bumps, bruises, & bang ups, I think that everyone had a great time. Except maybe the butterfly.
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