Friday, August 26, 2011

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ Week 2 ~ Stewardship & Time, 4H Field Trip, & a Birthday

Well, we have week 2 under our belts, but we still don't have a good schedule. We studied time management - OOOPPPPS! maybe I need to revisit this lesson myself! hahaha

Stewardship: "using, not abusing everything that God has given us."

I really really really ok sorta tried to do better this week! I really really, honestly really wanted to do better this week! But so far, I can't get in the bed before midnight & since I get up 2-3xs with Logan every night, its a little hard to get up early, bright eyed & bushy tailed so we can start "on time". Hey, who decides what's "on time" anyway? Oh yeah, I do! Yeah! We are starting on time then! lol

Anyway, this week we learned how to be good stewards - not only with time, but with our money, resources, talents, & bodies. We studied telling time, clocks - how they work & how not all of them show the exact same time, & how to cut something into half & quarters. This was more for Makenzie. She thought it was hilarious that in the time it took to look at a digital clock, get the correct time on our Judy clock, & recheck the digital clock - the time had changed & we needed to start over again.
We don't have "official" school on Tuesdays. This is reserved for Keepers/Contenders of the Faith, 4H, Nature Studies, & oh oh oh - I'm so excited service projects. So Tuesday, we participated in a 4H field trip to the lake & had a nature hike.

Wednesday was Justin's 30th birthday so not only did I have to make his cake, but I had to run to town to buy it - yep, I forgot! No, I didn't forget his birthday, just the cake. Its not like I don't have anything else to do. Then, I had to run back out to town to pick up his present because it hadn't arrived (special ordered) when I was in town the first time. Side note: If you have ever been trying to get anything done with kids & have to interrupt it not only once but twice, you know just how much we got accomplished Wednesday afternoon.

Well, Justin was supposed to go out of town on Thursday for the weekend, so we took the day off to spend time with him. Thankfully plans changed & he didn't go, but we could have done school....oh well.

Like I said, its only the 2nd week. Hopefully, we will find that routine soon or my 6 week on 1 week off schedule will have to go if we want to enjoy summer!
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