Monday, October 29, 2012

Who Said We Don't Have Fun

I've heard it said several times through out my life. Some people actually believe it because they don't know any better. Let's clear up this rumor right now.

The world likes to pretend that Christians are boring, stuffy, Bible thumpers & we don't like to enjoy ourselves.

Christians CAN & DO have fun!

Just because my idea of a fun time doesn't include a bottle, someone else's spouse, or something illegal does not mean that I don't know how to have fun! Personally, I like to remember & not feel guilty about the things that I enjoy doing.

This past weekend was a perfect example of good clean fun!

We took off on a camping trip with several members from our church. We ate, we laughed, we played cards, we laughed, we threw acorns, we laughed, we danced, ..... did I mention that we laughed? Yeah, there was plenty of that!

The kids celebrated Halloween early with a costume contest, trick or treating, & a hayride. Don't worry, the adults weren't left out. We had our own costume contest.

Hey, that adult costume contest ..... yeah, my husband (you know - the pastor) WON it! It came down between my very own Hercules & a groovy hippie. The judges tried to let the crowd decide but it was way to close. After all, there were SOO many people screaming "Hercules Hercules Hercules" {picture Sherman Klump's mom} right beside the D.J. table. So, in all true tie breaking fashion, a dance off was declared!

Justin, being the man he is, immediately conceded the contest! LOL But, with enough cheering & pressure (yes, peer pressure is still alive & well), he danced anyway. They played "Baby Got Back". I couldn't let him dance by himself, so I ran out there & shook my booty too! Lo & behold, he WON!

It's been a long time since I laughed so hard that my jaws & temples hurt! I'm sure that this is an event that will remain in our cherished memories for a long time. In fact, we have plans to return next year. ..... hmmmmm, I wonder what we will be next year??!!
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