Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ Second Chances

We had a slight glitch this morning during school.

I told my kids that if they did their work right until a certain time, then they could go to the cattle sale with their grandparents. They were both so excited with this because they love everything about farm life.

All was going well until I discovered something. It wasn't anything big, but it truly annoyed me. I asked who did it & of course, their response was "not me". (When I find "not me", he's in for it! That mysterious kid has plagued me for years!) After a few more minutes of questioning, I finally announced that they were both getting spankings because someone was lying to me.

Austin finally admitted to the deed in question.

Of course, I was aggravated & I had to punish him. When that was over, I left him in his room for a little while. When I went back in with my Child Training Bible to talk to him, I was amazed at the peace that washed over me. (I'm very sad to say that I usually have to blow my top before I can calm down & deal with what went wrong. Don't get me wrong, I still raised my voice, but it was different this time.)

We sat down & discussed what had happened & what made him choose to lie. I was able to show him what God says about lying. I was able to admit to him that I have done the same thing before. I was able to explain to him how the God we serve is a God of love, of wrath, of forgiveness, & of second chances. We read, we cried, we prayed, & we hugged.

I struggled with whether to allow him to still go with his grandparents, but in the end, mercy won out.

Because of his disobedience & my obedience, God was able to mend hearts & teach us both a lesson.

I am so thankful that God gives me more than just one chance!

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