Friday, June 21, 2013

Come On, Follow Me, This Way

I have a devotion book that is geared toward homeschool moms. I admit that I don't get to read it every morning, or let me rephrase that. I don't make time for it every morning. Funny because my devotion this morning was about time.

Now while that was relevant & I needed to read that, what stuck out to me was several verses before this one.

Ephesians 5:1-2 says "Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us..."

I just could not get past this. I started dwelling on following God & how kids will gladly follow you anywhere. Most of the time, they follow with a merry heart. 

But then, I started thinking about Logan.

He will follow along behind us, but so often, he has his own agenda. He gets distracted by something on the ground. He turns around when he hears a sound. He trips & we have to go to him & help him up. He never really gets in a hurry or understands when I want him where I am 5 minutes ago. When I don't feel like waiting, I pick him up & carry him. Sometimes he is content to be held in my arms but many times, he wiggles & squirms hollering "woose" or "I walk". Then it depends on what I'm doing & where I need to be as to whether I continue to fight him or whether I set him down.

How much does this sound like us?!

I want to follow God. I try to follow God. I know that He is headed in the direction I need to go. But I get distracted so easily. It looks more fun going this way. This path has pretty flowers. Oh, what was that sound? Let's go find out. Oh, ugh, I fell down. HELP! 

God is up ahead of me saying "Come on child." "Come this way." "Will you hurry up?" "What's taking you so long?" "Please come to me." "No, not that way." "I'm up here, remember?" "Don't worry, I'm coming to help you."

Sometimes He gets tired of waiting for me to follow Him & He picks me up. I'm pretty content being in His arms for a little while, but then I want to explore on my own again. Sometimes, He holds me a little tighter so I can't get loose. But then, sometimes, He sets me down & watches cautiously, knowing that I will eventually get to where He wants me, but wondering just how long it will take me.

Does this sound like you?

Hmmm, something so simple. I love when God shines a flashlight on something little & explains it to me in a way that I can understand!

I'm so thankful that God is up ahead of me watching & waiting on me to join Him!!

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