Thursday, June 27, 2013

One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of THOSE days? You know, the kind where nothing goes right & everything goes wrong? The kind where you swear that the world is ending & you just want to hide beneath a rock? The kind where you envy Job because he didn't have it nearly as bad as you do?

Yeah, well, I've never had one QUITE that bad either. BUT, it sure feels like it when you are stuck slap in the middle of the chaos.

I am there today.

The day started out normal enough, nothing too crazy, nothing out of the ordinary. Then within a 2 hour span, I became the maddest I have been in a long time.

I have a slight anger management issue. I really try to control it, but entirely too often it ends up controlling me.

Hey, have you read Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst? Nope, me either! I have started it though & I really need to finish reading it. I think it would help me out.

Pour Makenzie was obviously having one of those days today as well.

We are building an ant farm. PLEASE tell me WHY I am bringing more ants into my home? I already have enough of them!! - Oh yeah, I thought it would be "fun" to watch them build tunnels & hopefully instill a Bible lesson into my kids with it! So anyway, we brought in a few cups of dirt (mistake number 1 - do it OUTSIDE). Makenzie wanted to pour the dirt into the jar. I asked her to wait on me just before she proceeded to turn the whole cup over COMPLETELY missing the jar & landing on my counters and floor. I shooed her & Logan out of the kitchen so I could clean it up & calm down.

Then she decided to go outside on the front porch to paint. I asked her to please be careful & watch Logan. If he made a mess, she was responsible (she didn't want to wait until he laid down - maybe she will wait next time). He decided our front porch needed a new ORANGE coat of paint.

Ok, Makenzie, get a bucket of water & clean it up.

When she picked the bucket up off the counter, she mistakenly grabbed the dish towel beneath it. Not a big deal in most houses. But then again, most people don't gather fresh eggs everyday & lay them on a dish towel beside the sink to dry. Yes, in case you are wondering, fresh eggs break just as easily when dropped on the floor as store eggs.

After I put my shoes on to head to the local Library program, I walked into the kitchen to find Logan sitting on the dinning room table holding Makenzie's cup from lunch upside down & declaring that it was empty as she was trying to clean it up. Yes Logan, NOW it is empty.

Needless to say, I need to sweep & mop. Hmmm, maybe I should wait until bedtime that way it will stay clean a few hours.

I had a friend comment on my rant on Facebook asking me "if this was a science lesson or a life lesson?" I wanted to respond with "What lesson?! Are you crazy?!" But then I was reminded that it was a life lesson, because as we prayed at lunch, we asked for forgiveness for being angry & not showing compassion. Its funny how God works like that!

I'm also thankful that I am not the only one with anger issues.

I stayed up well past midnight last night helping a friend decompress from her nightmare day. That conversation started something like this..."Have you ever screwed up so bad that it can't be fixed & you feel so alone?" With a slight chuckle, I reminded her just who she was talking to here!

As she told me about her ordeal & how it escalated, I found myself sympathizing with her. I know what its like to be in over my head and know that things are getting out of control but feel like there is no way out. I know what its like to become defensive & have all logic fly out the window. Then I also know what its like to  come down off of that adrenaline & realize that things were even uglier than I thought while it was happening.

I gave her good sound advice that I knew she already knew when she promptly informed me that she disliked my honesty! We laughed. That's ok, my dear friend. We'll both feel better when things get back to "normal".

*inside joke because I KNOW she is reading this! Hold onto that cereal bowl idea though, there may be another time! In the meantime, maybe we should schedule our date nights to include reading Unglued. LOL*
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