Saturday, June 1, 2013

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ Reach for the Stars

I just love using Apologia for science. I never have to worry about the idea of evolution finding its way into our creationist beliefs. Oh, I have explained to my kids that many people believe differently than we do & that scientists think we came from monkeys (Hey moms, how often would that tail come in handy now?!). But we don't believe the stars weren't poofed into existence billions of years ago. My kids know that God created this world we live in in 6 days.

We studied Astronomy this year. I just love looking at the stars on a cool crisp evening. It has always fascinated me.

Unfortunately, I have fallen behind so we are not quite finished with every lesson, but rest assured we will be wrapping up soon after vacation. I WILL make it to an observatory before the summer is over!

It was eye opening to learn a possible reason as to why God created the universe the way He did. We attempted making a telescope out of a box, but failed miserably at it. The description of Mercury reminded me of Pitch Black from The Chronicles of Riddick.

Venus was one of their favorite lessons. Maybe it was because we played in melted butter!

In celebration of planet Earth, we went to the park and played with a compass.

Volcanoes are ALWAYS fun!!!

Click HERE & HERE for more science fun!

Stay tuned through June as we look at the far end of the solar system & find out if Pluto is really a planet or not!

Oh, & make sure to come back next year as we dive underwater with Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day. Maybe I can find something educational on our beach trip!

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