Monday, November 21, 2016

Double Standards at their Finest

2 months into Freshman year high school & Austin is suspended.

Long story short, another guy had been bullying him, harassing him, making sexual remarks towards his girlfriend, etc. Guy made one comment too many & Austin decked him. One punch & done. Walked away to calm down.

The actual deputy on duty that found out about it wanted everything to blow over. He wanted the football coach to serve out all the punishment. He didn't want to get the SRO involved.

Yes, well...

SRO got involved, suspended Austin for 10 days OSS (I had to plead his case & reveal the WHOLE story just to get it reduced to 5 days), pressed charges, & got him kicked off the JV football team. This has also ultimately led to Austin being an A-B student to barely having a C in a few classes just because he's still trying to catch up.

2 months into what's supposed to be some of the best years & we feel like our world is caving in.

The best part of this story...the other guy didn't get jack! So much for a "bully free" zone. So much for a zero tolerance.

 Moral of the story kiddos, run your mouth all you want to, be a coward & blend in, because you won't get in trouble. But take a stand for yourself, take a stand for someone else, and there are bound to be repercussions.
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