Saturday, January 22, 2011

What's In a Name?

This moring I was feeling a little bit "Juliet-ish". Not that kind of Juliet. Don't worry, I'm not geeting sappy (at least not right now). But more like the Juliet that ponders "What's in a name? That which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet."

Yes, its hard to picture the word "rose" without seeing the image of the infamous red flower.

I'm not a big fan of roses. They are very pretty, don't get me wrong, but they are also extremely typical. BUT...that's neither here nor there & it has absolutely nothing to do with this topic, so back to the matter at hand....

Why are names so important? That's how people know you, silly, that's why.

Our society, as a whole, is searching for independence ..... Independence from religion, sexual orientation, beliefs, morales, government, even independence from independence. Some of us are so independent, we forget everything about where we came from because all of a sudden we are better than that & don't want to be reminded...ever! But then some of us long to hold on to our heritage that we end up repeating history over & over again.

All throughout history, parents have been given the HUGE task of naming their children. Some take the easy way out & just name the baby boy after its father. Take the Bible for example. How many times have you been reading about someone's geneology & gotten completely confused & I'm not talking about those 10 cent words that no one can pronounce either. A family name was usually repeated generation after generation. Others step out on that limb that seems R E A L L Y hard to get to & pick some off the wall moniker that has everyone else saying "HUH?" Have you read about many celebrities that actually pick normal names? Take Brad & Angelina's kids? I don't think any of them have what would be considered main stream names. Just how many other Pilot Inspektor's due you know? (Thanks Jason Lee, your child is now scarred for life!) And that's not even the strangest! But for some reason, that's the baby name that sticks in my head. See for yourself.....    

So, all of this got started because my husband & I absolutely CANNOT agree on a boy's name. UUUGGGHHH! This wasn't even an issue with the other two. I named Austin when I was still in high school, I just compromised on the middle name once we found out we were expecting. Even before we knew he was a boy, we also had Makenzie picked out. So when I got pregnant with her, there wasn't really a discussion.

Oh, the funny part of this story is that we have a girl's name picked out, not that its going to do me any good right now. Maybe later, who knows. And nope, I'm not telling what it is! LOL

What really drives me crazy is the fact that when we try to discuss names, Justin says something along the lines of Cochese or Billy Bob. Get real here. Speaking of being scarred for life! ....... Hello I would like you to meet my family. I'm Tracie Bauguess & this is my husband Justin. We have 3 beautiful children Austin, Makenzie & Cochese Bauguess ......... Can you just imagine!?!?

Now I know, he's only joking. But I'm a little bit anal about certain things (Justin used to tell me that I would alphabetize the cabinets if he wouldn't mess it up. I doubt its that bad, but some things....well, ok maybe) & this is really starting to bother me. Yep, I know that we still have a long time, but I would like to know just who it is that we are adding to our family. Afterall, I wouldn't want some strange little person invading my space.
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