Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can I borrow your Faith?

Around Halloween, my kids were given 2 kittens as pets. They immediately fell in love with the little furballs. The solid gray one was named Bear because it was so furry & the white & gray one was named Faith because the patterns on her back looked like a cross. After about a month at our house, Faith went missing for a few days. That was ok, we still had Bear. Faith showed back up & Bear took off - I guess they couldn't get along - lol. I thought, "well, we always need FAITH." She only stayed for a few more days & then she took off again too. We kept looking for the kittens, but did not have any luck. Before long, we didn't give them much thought any more.

Flash Forward: Sunday afternoon my mother in law called & said "I really think this is your cat at my house". I stepped out on my front porch & looked down the hill. Sure enough, it looked like Faith. The kids went running down there & happily returned with a grown up version of Faith. I thought it was strange that a kitten could go missing for over 3 months & then come right back home like she had never left.

I'm guessing that someone close has had her put up at their house because she is still tame & lovable. There are no signs of her going hungry or being mistreated. So much for trustworthy neighbors..........I'm didn't get angry, I was just confused.......

But wait.....then God brought that same thought by my mind, "we all could use a little FAITH". I stopped to think about this. Maybe, this represents a time when my faith was strong. Something happened & it waivered just a little. I was able (through God) to strengthen it back, but suddenly it was GONE, seemingly without any warning. Then, just as quickly, it reappeared just as if I had never lost it.

I also thought deeper on this subject....Maybe someone else's FAITH was weak at this time & they needed a little extra boost, so maybe they "borrowed" my FAITH.

I know that some people are probably thinking I have lost my mind (news flash ~ too late!) to read into the reappearance of a cat as God renewing my FAITH, but doesn't God work in wondrous ways?!

Next time you see someone struggling, why don't you let them "borrow your FAITH".
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