Saturday, March 31, 2012

Something More


Well, in case you missed the HUGE news flash, yesterday was my birthday! How old, you might ask.... Um, well, older than last year! I turned a whopping 34 yesterday! That's ALMOST half way to 70! Holy cow! When did I get so OLD!?

Yes, I have noticed all these interesting creases in my face. Yes, I have found a few (yes, just a few!!) strange colored strands of hair on my head, but that's only because I haven't had time to color them lately! We'll address that problem soon!

I don't like this picture, but oh well, it was the 1st one taken in my new year!
I spent some time thinking yesterday about the past 34 years. I don't think I've done a whole lot that has been noteworthy, but I do have a lot of very good memories.
My greatest accomplishments of course are my babies! I'm not sure why God blessed me with such BEAUTIFUL children, but I'm glad that He did!

My most important decision would be accepting Jesus as my savior! I am nothing without Him!

So many people look back & reminisce on their "glory days". Well, my definition of glory is a whole lot different than most peoples. The majority of my favorite times have happened in the past 13 years & most of them have involved Justin & my kids!

Unfortunately, I also have several bad memories as well. I have made some pretty stupid mistakes in my time here on earth. Some things that I am REALLY ashamed of, some things I REALLY try to forget, & some things that I may never be able to forgive myself for, BUT .....

Thankfully God has already forgotten & FORGIVEN them! HALLELUAH!! He has buried my past.

As I was thinking, it really bothered me to admit just how little I have done for my Lord. He has given me everything! He saved my soul from an eternal Hell through His mercy. He provides, not only my needs, but also a lot of my wants with His love. He has glued my marriage together with His grace. Now He is opening door after door for my family to serve Him through His goodness so that we may bring honor to Him!

I want my next 34 (and more) years to be spent serving Him!!

I think this song sums up so much of all of our lives! Thank God we are MORE!!

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