Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Calgon Take me Away

I have been in DESPERATE need of a vacation for a LONG time! I worry, I stress, I get ill over the drop of a hat, yep, a vacation!

Justin told me a couple of weeks ago to clear our schedule for a couple of days. Do you have any idea how hard that is? Between school, extra curriculars, baseball, soccer, & church, not to mention any free time (wait, scratch that, I don't have free time. Although some people think I have all the time in the world. Anyway, that's a story for another day.) our days stay pretty busy, but I like it that way! So, I managed to squeak out a couple of days, even though I will be missing the Mother's Encouragement Tea (oh, how I need to be there).

He wouldn't tell me anything other than we were taking off for a couple of nights. One of those nights being without the kids. Not even Logan!! Oh my! I immediately start feeling guilty with a capital G. We haven't had a real family vacation in 4 years. Now, we have been camping & to the Great Wolf Lodge a couple of times, but not an actual go away, stay away, vacation (read BEACH). In fact the last time I went anywhere off was almost 3 years ago for our 10th anniversary & that was without the kids. I said never again!

So here I am, battling my selfish desires against my sane objections. The kids need me, Logan can't handle it, we can't afford it, we have school, etc, etc, etc.

Well, today is the day. And it came none too soon. My stress level was through the roof and my patience was nonexistent. I smiled as we dropped the kids off at my mother in law's, but I still felt guilty.

BUT, come to find out, my wonderful hubby won, that's right WON a 2 night stay at a local hotel. So no more guilt about money.

AND, the kids are coming to stay with us tomorrow. So no more guilt about them not getting to enjoy the pool.

AND, Justin is preaching at a local church tonight (the same one he has been preaching at for the past 2 weeks) & the kids are coming there. So no more guilt about completely abandoning Logan.

AND, we are close enough not to take Austin to baseball tomorrow. So no more guilt about missing their activities.

AND, I got to do WHATEVER I wanted this afternoon AND I get a full nights sleep. So no more guilt...period.

Well, maybe a little. I pray that Logan doesn't have too hard of a night!

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