Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How Do You Grade THAT?!

I am DREADING the next couple of days with EVERYTHING that I have in me! Its that time of year that we homeschool moms HATE!

Austin is taking his state tests tomorrow & Thursday. He's not the least bit nervous, but I am. This test (at least to me) measure so much more than what he has actually learned. They also measure my success as a teacher, his success as a student, and our success as a family.

This has been a rough year when it comes to school. We have had so many "interruptions", we have had too many days off, and we have switched curriculum after 12 weeks.

I do not feel like a complete failure this year. I KNOW that my kids have learned a lot, BUT that little piece of paper is not going to ask Austin anything raising chickens, helping on a farm, delivering calves, raising a baby, running a home business, living for Jesus, learning football plays, or developing a good work ethic! If it did, man, we would be all set!

Unfortunately, the state of NC has this list of things they think are important. Yes, I think those things are important as well, but we don't always learn just those things.

I'm glad that God sees the effort that we put in more than just the results!
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