Friday, April 6, 2012

More than Fuzzy Bunnies & Brightly Colored Eggs

As I was finishing up buying all the goodies for the kid's Easter baskets the other day, I brushed off the desire to buy Logan an Easter book to put in his basket. After all, he would just eat it & we still have a few really good board books left over from the older kids. I filled their baskets with the usual candies, marshmallow peeps, bubbles, crackers, & toys.

Then as I made my way back around Walmart tonight, it hit me like a ton of bricks. They ALWAYS put out a cardboard display near the front of the store displaying whatever holiday is coming up. Both sides are usually loaded up with books, coloring books, board books, books, books, books.

That cardboard display was there & it was loaded with books just as it always is....BUT, the main side, you know, the side that everyone sees had Diary of a Wimpy Kid & various other humorous books.

Wait, did I miss something? I literally stopped & looked around. I was looking for the Easter book display. I didn't see another display. I walked to the other side, the back side, the side that hardly anyone sees unless you are deliberately looking. Oh, ok, THERE were the Easter books. Kinda...

There were a handful of Bibles, a book on Heaven, & that was about it.

My heart sunk. I felt almost betrayed. This is the horrible death & the resurrection of my savior we are talking about! Why was it not important enough to get 2 sides of the display? Why does it not deserve a better selection of books to give our children?

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in!

My kids know why we celebrate Easter...don't they? I have never lead them to believe there was a little bunny who hopped over to our house & left goodies. I have never stressed how important it is to dye or hunt eggs.

Yes, we do still enjoy hunting for eggs. Yes, we do still like to share a basket full of little trinkets. Yes, we do still get all dressed up in sparkly new clothes. Yes, we do still eat dinner with the family. But none of these things truly matter. They are all fun, but NOTHING can take the place of the love on Calvary's hill!

As you celebrate Easter this year, spend a little more time in thankfulness to the only man who loved you more than anyone else ever could. The only one capable of taking your sin away just so you could live in Heaven with Him for all eternity. 
This is what our Calvary's Hill looks like today on Good Friday.
The grass is growing nicely & the body of Jesus has been wrapped in
grave clothes, placed in the tomb, & the stone has blocked the entrance.

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