Tuesday, February 19, 2013

From Snow Bibs to Swimming Trunks

It has been a wild and crazy weekend. Thankfully we are off of school this week.

As I write this post, I am lounging on my bed, surrounded by laundry and thinking about how sticky my floors are, while resting my knee on a few pillows. Hold on & I'll tell you all about that story.

Saturday started E A R L Y with a trip up to Jonas Ridge in Boone snow tubing with the church. If you are local and haven't tried Jonas Ridge yet, you need to! The slopes are fun, the drive isn't too far, and the price is reasonable.

This is the 3rd year in a row that my family has been to Jonas Ridge, but it was the first time in 5 years that I was going to get to actually tube. Pregnancy & nursing a baby knocked me out 2 years running. YEAH finally, I get to have fun too!

The first hour and a half went by without a hitch. Kids and adults alike took turn after turn zipping down the slippery snow white slopes and creeping back up the moving sidewalk. Squeals of delight and fear could be heard all over that mountain.

I took a break to snap as many pictures as I could.

I should have stopped while I was ahead.

The very next trip down, my foot found a rather large snowball that tried its best to keep me up on that slope. My left knee was snapped outward & I have been limping since.

I seriously considered a trip to the ER, but my wallet talked some sense into me.

Here's praying for a quick recovery!

Saturday night was our sweetheart dinner at church. I really wanted to stay home with my leg up, but I'm glad I went. We played the Newlywed Game & I haven't laughed that hard or seen that many red faces in a LONG time.

Monday also held a special treat for all of us. We took off with a ton of kids to Ray's Splash Planet for a little "summer" fun at their indoor water park. As I was thinking about all 10 children that went with us, I realized that we had 8 different grades/age levels represented. (I know, weird, but it fascinated me) 9th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 5th, 2nd, 1st, 1st, K, and 20 months - 6 boys & 4 girls. They got along great and had a blast, except Logan.

We got down there at nap time & the water was a little chilly, so Logan was not happy. Less than an hour into the fun, Logan was all wrapped up in a towel & asleep in my arms. That's ok, I got to rest my knee, take lots of pictures, and read while snuggling with my baby.

We had a picnic lunch outside and thankfully it was a pretty day and the wind wasn't too brutal.

Unfortunately, lunch ended up being anything but peaceful because my little dare devil wanted to be like everyone else sitting on the picnic tables, except he lost his balance and hit his head on the way down. So now we have a hysterical, bleeding baby who is holding his breath.

Its a good thing I don't get too excited! Of course having my EMT hubby and a nurse friend there helped a lot.

It looks like we didn't escape a trip to the ER this weekend after all, we just delayed it.

Hey, at least now I know how to get to the hospital in Charlotte!

So almost an hour and a half and 2 staples later, we rejoined everyone else back at the water park. It seems that the excitement didn't die down when we left. We also dealt with a cut across Makenzie's nose and another child with a bloody nose. Just about every one of our 10 darlings ended up having some sort of issue before the day was over. Due to the high chlorine content in the water, there were several coughing, breathing, and red burning eye issues. Headaches also seemed to run rampant through our group.

But all in all, I think everyone had a good time & they were returned to their families in relatively good condition.

Hey, we are planning a trip out of town in a few months, don't you want to go with us?!?!

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