Friday, February 22, 2013

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ A Week Off?

This is officially week 7 since we started back to work after the extended Christmas break. You know what that means.....a week off! YEAH! Nothing structured, nothing planned, just time to relax, play, & get my house in order.


Yeah, that's what I get for thinking!

Yes, this had been a week off from "real" school. But somehow relaxation hasn't happened. Oh yeah, I remember due to emergencies, injuries, & illnesses, resting has been forced.

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Other than the absolute minimal, housework hasn't happened this week. I have caught up on laundry - Did you SEEEEE Makenzie's pile?!?! That's another story altogether. I have washed just enough dishes to have something to eat on. I can count the times I have cooked on one hand.And I finally got tired of the dirt so I swept once.

I suffered from the stomach bug for over 3 days. 72 hours. Is that normal? I still don't feel back to myself yet, but at least its not as bad as it was. Justin & Austin have also dealt with it, but not nearly that bad.

We did finish reading The Railway Children. It was all I could do to keep reading it. I know it is supposed to be a children's classic, but this is one book I can do without. It wasn't horrible, just hard to read & L O N G.

Austin has taken advantage of his freedom to further his plumbing knowledge by helping his grandparents at work a few days. He has also helped construct a new pig pen for our sow. She is expecting piglets soon!

And to top it all off, I have been summoned. That's right - jury duty. If you know me, you KNOW how much I DETEST the thought of this! This dreadful little card states that "Jury service is the solemn obligation of all qualified citizens." REALLY? Since when is it my "obligation" to sit in judgement on someone else?

So I drive down to the courthouse in the hopes of presenting my "hardship" only to be told that I cannot get out of it. I pled my case but it seems that our local authorities don't care that I am the only one available to watch my children or that someone else would have to miss work in order to stay with them or that I am having to bring 3 children with me in order to appease our system.

Can you IMAGINE how miserable my kids are going to be cooped up in a little room ALL day - possibly longer? Better yet, can you imagine how miserable everyone around us is going to be?

Hmmm.....on second thought, I think I will hype them up on sugar just to prove a point!

No, I can't do that, but trust me, I thought about it!
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