Thursday, February 14, 2013

All Your Needs

I originally wanted to title this one "Here We Go Again", but the more I've thought on it, God wouldn't let me.

Justin got the news yesterday that his job was being terminated. WHAT? Yeah, that's what I said. I know he was only temporary, but when he was hired less than 6 months ago, everything he was told boiled down to the fact that one day soon, he would be made permanent.

It's not only my husband, but every temporary employee for this company will lose their position in exactly 2 months.


That's not very long to try to find something else in our gloomy economy.
That's not very long to try to save every nickle we can.
That's not very long to try to pay off a few more bills.


We were JUST starting to get caught up.

After Justin was laid off 2 years ago, we have struggled & scraped by. We have robbed Peter to pay Paul. We have been late on payments. We have denied our children & ourselves. We have borrowed money & sold possessions. We even considered giving up on homeschool so I could go back to work.

BUT, we never went hungry, we were never cold, we were never stranded, we were never alone.

Psalm 37:25 "I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his offspring begging bread."

My very first thought was "God, why? God, what are we going to do?". Immediately He reminded me "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

Yes, Lord, I KNOW, but........

As the day wore on, I felt worse & worse. There was even a time that I left the older kids to do their school work & I went to lay down.

Through it all, I couldn't get certain people out of my head. The family that is grieving the loss of their baby girl. The sainted couple torn apart by circumstance & technicalities. The families anxiously awaiting their loved ones to return from war. The parents watching their children struggle with life threatening disease. The friends looking head first at surgery. The marriages that are hanging on by a thread. The parents who don't care about the examples they set for their children. The people entrapped by drugs & alcohol. The lost on their way to Hell. The families being ripped apart by cancer.

And ALL of these are people I know PERSONALLY.

WHO AM I?! Who am I to feel sorry for myself? Who am I to question WHY? Who am I to doubt a God who has proven Himself to me time & again?


So when your day takes an unexpected turn toward what feels like everlasting doom, remember those who are worse off than you are.

Please take a few moments & lift all these needs up to a God that CAN & DOES care about our trivial problems. Pray for my family that we will always follow His lead. I KNOW that He has something bigger & better in store, we just have to find it.


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