Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How About a Drink

Have you ever been outside on a really hot day? You would give just about anything for something to drink, wouldn't you?

Even though any kind of drink is appreciated, nothing will quell that incredible thirst the way a tall, ice cold glass of water will. When you are that thirsty, Mt. Dew, Gatorade, or anything else only offer a temporary solution. Before long, you are thirsty again.

Life is a lot like that glass of water.

Too often, we travel through this life looking for something, searching for something, needing something. Every single one of us go through this desire.

Most of the time, we don't realize we are even doing it.

Some people fill this void with drinking, drugs, food, abuse, material possessions, fame, or power. The Samaritan Woman at the well chose to fill her void with sex and attention from any man that made her feel special for more than 5 minutes.

Her life was changed forever when Jesus went out of His way to cross her path. He filled that part in her heart and soul that she didn't even realize she was missing.

How amazing is it to know that someone is out there looking for you, wanting to help you, offering you the greatest gift you can imagine. Someone who thinks you are worth dying for.

Jesus has that thing that you've been hopelessly searching for. He is the only one who can offer you something that will satisfy your soul. Best of all - it's FREE!

Salvation will change your life, if only you will allow it too.

{If you are new here, feel free to connect with your inner Bad Girl. None of us are perfect, we are just forgiven!}

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