Sunday, April 7, 2013

Take My Breath Away

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a nice smelling man! Who doesn't? ;)

There was one particular cologne that someone used to where when I was a teenager that made me weak in the knees EVERYTIME I smelled it. I tried to get my husband to wear this cologne a few years back, but somehow, it just wasn't the same. It had nothing to do with the fact that my husband was now wearing it. Somehow, somewhere, this scent changed for me.

It happens. Our tastes change over time. We start to like things that we never thought we would and we begin disliking the things that we used to love.

I think my nose has gotten a lot more sensitive over the years. I don't do well with smells. (If you have ever tried to get me to smell something, you know this is the exact line I say)

That being said. Have you SMELLED a lot of this crap they are marketing to the younger generation these days? I am talking specifically about the Axe Body Sprays. Now, I have finally started liking the soap, but the body spray..... Oh My Stars..... Who came up with that mess?!

Do you know how much fun this makes for living with a preteen boy?

He is still stuck in the land of "the more, the merrier".

I am constantly reminding him not to wear so much & coughing like crazy when I walk by his bathroom.

Imagine my dismay & TOTAL SHOCK as I endured not 1, but 3, preteen boys getting ready for church last weekend. They stunk up MY WHOLE HOUSE! 

If he is this bad now, I can't imagine just how traumatizing it will be when he finally starts dating.

And I wonder if girls are this bad?!?

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