Saturday, April 13, 2013

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ From Hot to Cold & Sick

After taking off last week for testing and spending the week before reviewing, I would LOVE to say that this week was very productive. But I can't.

Slowly, day by day, starting over the weekend, my family has been dropping like flies. This coughing, congested mess started with Logan & quickly spread to everyone else (except Makenzie). To say that I didn't feel like teaching is an understatement, I didn't even feel like being awake.

But we persevered. Now, granted it wasn't an ordinary week, but we did do school.

Austin worked on English 5 from Easy Peasy. It seems ok, but its too early to tell.

He is still using Teaching Textbooks 6 for math.

Makenzie is still trying out Reading Eggs. She loves it, but I haven't seen any improvement in her reading yet.

After finishing up WWII, we plowed straight into the Cold War. After so much violence, hatred, & death, its hard to explain why the Cold War is called a "war".

We rented Red Dawn over the weekend. This was strictly by "accident". Since I never saw the original, I didn't plan for this to be school related. This had more language in it than I am normally comfortable allowing my kids to watch, but all in all it was a good movie. The new version features Korean troops invading the US so not only did it make sense with us studying Korea, but it also allowed us to talk about the new nuclear scare.

They worked on 20th Century inventions while watching Heidi & a few episodes of The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show.

We started reading So Far From the Bamboo Grove about a young girl's struggle to leave Korea while being invaded by the Japanese.

I have come across several neat websites this week in my frantic struggle to make school continue even when I haven't felt like it.

  • has a good overview of the Cold War without going into so much detail as to make it boring.
  • Cold War for Kids also has lots of information on it.
  • I was SUPER EXCITED to find this blog with all sorts of videos that go hand in hand with the Story of the World. It isn't completed yet but you better believe we will be visiting this one often!
  • Here is another site that has extensive ideas & resources for helping school & technology go hand in hand.
I would LOVE any other suggestions that you have for FREE online school ideas!

*Sorry, the only pictures I took this week are from Makenzie's soccer game & Austin's birthday party.

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