Sunday, April 14, 2013

Death of an American Past Time

Spring rolled around in the Bauguess household a little bitter sweet this year.

Ever since I can remember, as soon as the flowers would bloom & the sky would stay bright a little longer,  I have been going to baseball games. My dad would gladly drive me over to the local ball field when I was a kid so I could watch my friends slide into home plate. We continued cheering on the home team through out high school. And even well on into college, this was an activity that we shared together.

Now, I'm not a huge sports fan, but there is just something about watching a game live that brings out the fan in me. The crack of the bat, the smell of peanuts in the air, the kids running around pretending to be superstars. That diamond field is magical. It holds hopes, dreams, memories, & traditions. It symbolizes freedom, family, & fun. No wonder its America's Favorite Past Time.

Austin has played baseball since he was old enough to hold a bat. He has never been a star player, but he poured his heart & soul into the love of the game.

He got better as every year went by. He grew from that little fella who would rather play in the dirt than watch the ball to one of the fastest runners on the team. The coach knew that if Austin could just get on base, more than likely he could steal his way home. More often than not, his was one of the few runs scored.

Something changed last year. Austin really questioned whether or not to even play baseball. After lots of thought & going back & forth, he decided to slide on those cleats for another season.

We realized early on that this year would not be like any previous year.

Still through discouragement, heartbreak, confusion, & anger, we persevered as a family. Justin & I have always let the kids choose their activities (to an extent), but they know that we finish what we start.

When the season was finally over, I knew it was R E A L L Y over. For better or for worse, I knew his outlook on the game of baseball would never be the same.

*Here's a sneak peak at what went on last year.*

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