Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ Bees, Summer, & Blessings

May is such a strange month for us. We are trying to finish up school, while trying to keep from being too excited because summer is right around the corner. Concentration is somewhat harder once the heat cranks up! LOL

So, that being said, I guess that the Grace of God Christian Academy is officially on a lightened summer schedule! 

We will continue to read literary classics all summer. Makenzie will work mainly on reading, while Austin does math & writes a few times a week. We have too many "plans" (ie, fun activities) to fulfill a strenuous academic schedule during the hot days of summer.

We do still have several decades of history to complete before we jump back to the beginning of time next year. We also have a couple of lessons in science to finish. I don't stress too much about any other book not being completed. I know that the beginning of a new year always reviews so it balances out.

Now, back to this past week.

We finished reading The Outsiders & are planning to watch the movie tonight. YEAH! Of course, I got all teary towards the end. It happens to the best of us. ;)

We discussed Nixon's Watergate, Ford's forgettable term & Betty's desire to help women struggling with addiction. We learned that Jimmy Carter battled through an energy crisis and Reagan's plan to reduce debt & help the economy failed miserably. Hey, did you know Ronald Reagan was a movie star? Me neither!

We celebrated the last day of public school with popsicles outside! Then we enjoyed friends at the park and a homemade waterslide. Oh and a particularly proud momma moment - Austin & a friend were playing with a little boy's ball at the park & accidentally lost it. After looking in the bushes for a long time, he asked me if we could give him one of the balls in our car to replace it. (*sigh* sometimes I guess I am doing the right thing with these kids)

Poor Logan got the short end of the stick after Austin tortured a "bumble bee". I was brought a screaming youngin, then I was brought the dead bee. What they thought was a bumble bee because it was furry turned out to be a Japanese Hornet! His poor fingered swelled up twice its normal size!

Tomorrow I get to go to the NCHE Conference in Winston Salem! YEAH! I'm not actually sitting in on any of the speakers this year, but I get to stroll around the book fair BY MYSELF ALL DAY LONG!! Then I get to go on a DATE with my hubby!

Stay tuned to see what kind of awesome deals I pick up!

As I look back on this week, even through my troubles & trials, I can't help but be reminded that I am blessed far more than I deserve! Far too many people woke up this morning after losing everything they own. Far too many people woke up this morning in hospitals. Far too many people woke up this morning with broken hearts because someone they love can no longer wake up.

Why God continues to bless me, I'm not sure, but I'm thankful He does!

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