Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ That's It. I'm Moving to Texas!

Just today, I have read 2 different articles on how the state of Texas is actually allowed to think freely instead of following blindly like the rest of the nation. And that doesn't even include all the crazy things that Texas has taken a stand for in the past.

Texas is in the process of passing the "Tim Tebow" Bill where homeschoolers can actually take advantage of the tax dollars they funnel into public schools & participate in public school activities.

Well, hallelujah, its about time! I don't see what the problem has been. My family is taxed just the same as every other family. Its based on a percentage of what we make. I would bet money that there are plenty of public school kids whose parents make about the same income that my family does, so therefore, we pay the same amount in. Should we not be allowed access to certain extracurriculars?

Homeschool vs. public school should not be as big of a debate as it is. We, as parents, are all making the same decision. Just because the road we take doesn't follow the same route, doesn't mean we don't want to end up at the same place. We all want the best possible education for our children.

Hey, at least NC does have a bill in the works to allow homeschoolers to participate in public school activities. Trust me, it can't come about soon enough!

The other big hype right now is Common Core Standards. I'm no expert by any means, but anytime that we give the government more control, doesn't it usually have a less than desirable result? One of my biggest issues here is the fact that forty (yes, FORTY) states agreed to conform (I HATE that word!!) to Common Core Standards WITHOUT EVEN KNOWING WHAT THEY WERE!!! Just slap the words "better education" on something & all of a sudden everyone jumps on the band wagon for fear of being left out. Well, pardon my bluntness, but way to go Texas for _______________.

Sorry, that's what I really wanted to say, but......

Way to go Texas for taking a stand & not following the rest of the United States.

Didn't your momma always ask you if so & so jumped off a cliff, would you do it to?

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