Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ What's in a Number

We participated in a state mandated, necessary evil today. State achievement testing.

UGH, I HATE this. It puts pressure on the kids. It puts pressure on the moms. It makes everyone look around at you & say, "Well, did you pass?" When did it start coming down to pass/fail? Why is that number so important?

If you will recall, I have already tested Austin once this year. For the 3rd year, we have used the Stanford test. He did better this year (in relation to his grade level) than last year, but his language arts is still lower than I think it should be.

This is also the 2nd year that we have used the WRAT (Wide Range Achievement Test). He scored at or above grade level on everything accessed here.

 I find it very interesting (maybe confusing is the better term) that the results vary so widely between the two tests.

I know the areas that my children are excelling in as well as the ones where they struggle. I also know that no one test, assessment, evaluation, or method is a perfect fit for everyone. How do we really know which one is more accurate? How do we really know which one to use for the future and which one to accept as a waste of time?

And while I am at it.....  WHY do people still expect everyone to teach to the test?! If the only things we are ever taught are the things that we are supposed to be tested on, where does that leave room for free thinking?!

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