Monday, July 1, 2013

The Church of Tomorrow...

Yesterday was youth Sunday at church. I'm not sure how long this has been going on, when this tradition got started, or even how widely it is practiced. But since I was a little girl, the youth of the church take over leadership positions every 5th Sunday. This not only teaches our kids the need for serving God, but it also helps them with public speaking.

Our youth is often called "the church of tomorrow". Yes, that may be so, but they are also the church of today. The lessons they are taught & the leaders that they follow, will have a huge impact on their lives down the road.

My favorite preacher (next to my husband, of course) made a special  appearance today. My pastor for the majority of my life, Felman Cheek was our "young" preacher today. After many years of being a pastor and running revivals, he admitted to getting more calls now than ever to preach to the youth.

God isn't through with him yet. There aren't many men like pastor Felman left. Too many preachers and Christians today are wishy washy & don't take a stand for what they believe in. They are more interested in gaining friends and making everyone feel good.

Our youth NEED to hear the truth! They NEED to be taught that the God we serve is not old fashion! The God we serve is still very much alive!

If the leaders of today are not doing that, WHERE does that leave the children of tomorrow?!?!
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