Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~Emergency, Hot, & Cold

This week has been F R I G I D. Not only has the temperature been cold, but the wind has been brutal, & the end of the week brought snow, sleet, & freezing rain.

When its so cold, why not talk about something hot? 

Did you know that Venus is over 800 degrees all the time? Well, now you do.

Venus is covered in volcanoes, rock, and swirling sulfuric acid clouds. We experimented with how lava runs and hardens. We also took a look at how radar works.

In history, World War I has erupted and ended. We discovered when permanent waves and hair dye was made available to the general public. We started a book of modern inventions.
*side note* I really need a good time line (not on the wall). Does anyone have any suggestions?

Austin has consistently scored over an 80 & even a 100 on math {happy dance}. Makenzie is learning ones, tens, time, & adding double digits.
Music class was an impromptu round of hilarity.

PE ranged from soccer, slalom skiing, obstacle courses, & hula hooping - all courtesy of the Wii.

We finally resumed some of our extra curricular activities. Our Keepers & Contenders learned the basics of CPR. My hubby was kind enough to teach our explorers club about first aid.

We are reading The Railway Children & Ruthie's Gift. Makenzie is already feeling the pain that Ruthie felt ;)
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