Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just Waiting.........

Well, its been an interesting ride....I just knew that when I went back to the Dr Monday morning, they would keep me & let me have this baby, but they decided otherwise. Needless to say, I was livid! Don't get me wrong (& a lot of people have), I wasn't upset because I was being sent home without a baby. I was mad because I had been told for the 2 weeks that my Dr was on vacation he would probably induce me as soon as he got back because my blood pressure was climbing. I wasn't banking on this, but its always a let down when someone has been telling you one thing & then, all of a sudden, tells you something completely different.

Funny thing, in this 2 week span where my Dr. was MIA, I ended up with 5 office visits, 2 late night hospital visits, blood work, numerous blood pressure checks at home, & 2 24hr urine collections. Shew, that makes me tired just thinking about it. Is it any wonder why I was ready for this pregnancy to be over?

So anyway, I didn't get to see the Dr on Monday, he was in surgery. After a hospital visit Tuesday night due to contractions, I was sent home & instructed to keep my regular appointment for Wednesday.......Why bother?! That was my exact thoughts! I was still only dilated to a 2 & it was obvious that my contractions were not doing anything. I felt defeated & confused because it seemed like I didn't know my body. I mean, seriously, I have already done this labor thing a couple of times & I know what to expect, right? I tried to keep in mind that this pregnancy has been very different from the very beginning, why should the end be predictable?

Good thing I kept my appointment for Wednesday (yesterday). He decided to induce me! Yeah, its time for a baby! Of course, I had to hear all the risks that can occur even at 37 weeks. That's OK. God has kept us safe through everything else & I know His hand will be on us throughout the delivery!

I went home & cleaned my house like a mad woman! LOL Both of my kids have been induced, but they were not planned ahead of time, so there wasn't a whole lot I could do to really prepare. In fact, when I was told to head to the hospital with Makenzie at 37 weeks, I went back to work to "tie up loose ends", went to Belk to return something, went home to pack, & then headed back to the hospital!

So here I sit, at the hospital, hooked up to all the monitors. The only thing for me to do for now is wait......
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