Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guilty or Not - You Decide!

Poor Zoey is in jail! Its not her fault, well, not completely......

Zoey is a full bloodied Blue Heeler. She is VERY feisty & I'm hoping she calms down as she gets older, but for now, we love her & tolerate her. Its her nature to "herd" things - cows, kittens, kids, basketballs. If it moves, its fair game.

We also have chickens. Austin takes good care of the chickens & in return gets to keep whatever profit we make off of them. Zoey likes watching the chickens. Thankfully she can't get to the chickens or we probably wouldn't have chickens anymore!

This afternoon, Justin & Austin went to feed the chickens. When they were done, Justin walked out thinking
that Austin was right behind him. Nope, Austin was still feeding the roosters. So instead of Austin following Justin out of the coop, a chicken followed him out. Never fear, Zoey was there!! She knew that chicken wasn't supposed to be outside of its coop so she saved it ...... with her mouth ...... not too gently! She was only trying to help (I think)!

So after sitting before the judge & jury, poor Zoey got sent to jail! Her alibi wasn't very reliable! Me personally - I think she was FRAMED!!!

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