Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Apples & Oranges

I always thought people were crazy when they would talk about comparing apples to oranges. If you think about it though, its not really all that strange. You simply cannot compare two things accurately unless they are similar in nature.

What would be really strange though is if an apple tree was in full bloom, loaded down with shiny delicious apples, & *gasp* there was an orange hanging from its branches.

Don't laugh just yet.......it happens more often than we realize.

How many adults do we know who are fine upstanding citizens but their children bring shame upon the family name? How many times have we seen parents bring their children up in a loving, respectful (doesn't always have to be Christian) home only to have those children rebel against everything good & right?

Does this mean the parents have failed? No, I don't believe so, but I'm sure the burden that they carry is unreal.

Does this mean that the community has failed? Possibly, could we have stepped in the first time we saw that child doing wrong?

Does this mean that society has failed? Certainly, we no longer hold ourselves accountable, let alone other people, for mistakes. We are very quick to pass the buck when we mess up or to look the other way when we see someone else heading down the wrong road.

Its time to take a stand!!! If you know of or even suspect a young person heading into trouble, intervene, talk to them, yes, even tell their parents. Its far better to make them mad now, than to look back & wish you could have done something.
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