Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tales of a Homeschool Nothing ~ Week 9 ~ Trust, Flight, Substitutions, & FOUND - AT LAST

We started a new character trait this week - trust. This should be fun because my kids, just like yours, are having slight issues being completely truthful. Makenzie has just figured out that if she tells a fib (& I don't find out...) she might not get into trouble. Yeah well, she's not a very good liar, but she will stick to her story adamantly until the bitter end! For some reason, she doesn't remember the spankings until its too late.

Its been a pretty fun week. We started reading about the Wright Brothers & the history of flight. Justin taught school for me on Wednesday! YEAH!!! And we ended the week with a trip to the Hot Air Balloon Festival! It was beautiful! I really wanted the kids to be able to ride up in a balloon (tethered, of course), but it was getting too dark so we missed out on that.

 Completely nonschool related is OVER for the season (silent little happy dance). It was bittersweet. I know how much Austin wanted his team to advance in the playoffs, but I was ready for it to be over. Like I already told someone, I finally get to reclaim my trunk! LOL

Also, while Justin was fixing the recliner on our couch, yet again, we found .......... da da da dum ............ Austin's Nintendo DS!!!! It was in the back of the couch! HOLY COW!!! Do you have ANY idea how long we looked for this thing??? Its been missing since February! Austin finally used his own money to go buy a new Nintendo DSi because we couldn't find the old one. Well, I guess I have a DS now! YEAH! Wait...when do I have time to play it?

Zoey hard at work!
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