Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Sweet Logan is 1

1 year ago at this time, I was holding this beautiful    wrinkly pink baby boy. After enduring my worst pregnancy, but surprisingly, my easiest labor, my newest journey in life had started. Its hard to believe that time has passed so quickly!                                             

 We celebrated Logan's first birthday by taking a trip to the jungle. Everyone enjoyed snake sandwiches, wild boar meat, cheese bugs, ants on a log, safari snacks, alligator toes, & tiger tails. We washed it down with swamp juice. Oh & don't forget the sweets - lion cupcakes, a giraffe cake, & Logan's very own lion cake. 

After several meltdowns - including a broken oven, miscommunication, a cake mishap, crumbling cheese, lost decorations, no helium, a broken door, & the party starting an hour late -  everything turned out well in the end. Everyone had fun & Logan was happy. (at least until we took the cake away!) Thats what matters!

Happy Birthday Logan. Its a jungle out there!

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